Bous al Carrer

The Generalitat expands security measures for celebrations Bous al Carrer

The Government, through the Directorate General of the Agency for Safety and Emergency Response (AVSRE), presented in the context of the Commission on Traditional bullfights, the Annual Report Bous al Carrer de 2016. Given the figures of the report, the general director of the Valencian Agency for Safety and

Rally for the 'bou embolat' and 'bou encaixonat' in Xàbia

The president of the Cultural Association Xàbia Taurine, Guillermo Bolufer has confirmed Xà the call for a demonstration in favor of the party "bous embolats" and "bous encaixonats". The concentration will be on May 1 18 to hours. From the various broadcast channels that the association has in the

Chulvi: 'The bottom line is public safety and prevent animal suffering'

The prohibition of embolat bou bou and encaixonat in Xàbia remains a matter of discussion among the residents of the municipality. Some are in favor of this measure against others clearly and few are neutral to the announcement by the consistory. In the plenary session held last night at the City Hall mayor, Óscar Antón,

Festiva Agenda: Bous al Carrer de San Sebastián

Culture, gastronomy, tradition is party and what holds this weekend the 24 and 25 January. The local agenda focuses on the Historic Center where, for the fourth consecutive year, the festival of San Sebastián-pattern of Jávea- enjoy the feast recovered dels Bous al carrer in the square

Festes de San Sebastia

10: 30 h: Parade through the historic center of Jávea 11: 00 h: Storyteller Children in the House of 12 Culture: 00 h: Carriages children by Arte Mediterranean 12: 30 h: Release of heifers of Livestock Paloma 17: 30 h: Release of heifers of livestock Crespo sponsored by the Imperial Bar 22: 30 h:

San Sebastián celebrates its fiestas in honor of the patron of Jávea

For the third consecutive year the pattern of Jávea celebrates its fiestas, which although not expand festivals each year and work harder to grow increasingly. Friday January 17 begin the festivities in honor of the saint where bullfighting events are the protagonists thanks to


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