Santa Lucía

The neighbors of Xàbia celebrate the Santa Lucia Mass in the San Bartolomé Church because of the rain

The neighbors of Xàbia celebrate the Santa Lucia Mass in the San Bartolomé Church because of the rain

The rain that fell in Xàbia on the 9 in the morning has caused part of the events of the Santa Llúcia festival to be canceled. The awakening has been celebrated normally but the traditional pilgrimage to the hermitage has had to be canceled. Likewise, the festeros have wanted to maintain the tradition and

Tomorrow, Thursday, the traditional celebration of Saint Lucia is celebrated

Like every 13 in December, Xàbia celebrates one of its most traditional festivals, that of Santa Lucía. On Thursday, on the occasion of this celebration, the mayorales and mayoralesas, at 10 hours, will begin the pilgrimage of ascent to the hermitage of Santa Llúcia from the Plaza de la Iglesia. Once up, to the 11

Xàbia celebrates the festivity of Santa Llúcia

Tomorrow, 13 of December, as the santoral mark, is Saint Lucia. On the occasion of this day, Xàbia celebrates the traditional pilgrimage to Santa Llúcia. From the Plaza de la Iglesia there will be a retinue of festive, municipal and religious authorities accompanied by music of dulzainas that will go to the Hermitage of Santa Llúcia. As each

Xàbia neighbors and schoolchildren celebrate the day santa Llúcia

From early morning, hundreds of school children performed an excursion to the Hermitage of Santa Lucia. School students Trenc d'Alba, Graüll, Vicente Tena and Mary Immaculate have enjoyed today a different day outdoors. Complying with tradition, on the day of Santa Llúcia, students have risen to

Xàbia held tomorrow the feast of Saint Lucia

As every year, the 13 December, the foremen of Saint Lucia celebrate their holiday. In anticipation of this event, in which a pilgrimage is done, the foremen with the authorities and relatives held Sunday a fellowship meal in Carrasco salons. The festive program begins this afternoon, from

Romeros great participation in the Pilgrimage of Santa Llúcia

The chapel of Santa Llúcia has gathered Sunday a crowd of pilgrims who have climbed the mountain of the same name to celebrate the feast of St. Llúcia. Before the foremen began the day with an audible "despertá" through the old town of Javea. Later he began the procession up to the chapel where he was held

Pilgrimage of Santa Llúcia in Xàbia

Xàbia celebrates this Sunday one of the most popular religious festivals of the year; the pilgrimage to the shrine of Santa Llúcia. Festera a partnership in which more than 40 foremen and Mayoralesas involved are preparing acts held this weekend. Acts which begin on Saturday from the 19: 30

The chapel of Santa Lucia and Santa Barbara

The chapel of Santa Lucia and Santa Bárbara corona the highest crags one of the tallest point of the municipality. A 162 meters high this small chapel-of municipal property that encompasses, for its architectural layout within hermitages of conquest calls (ermites of conquesta) stands. Although


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