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Chulvi: 'The main thing is the safety of the public and avoiding the suffering of the animal'

February 26 from 2016 - 13: 01

La ban bou embolat and the bou encaixonat in Xàbia it continues to be a matter of discussion among the residents of the municipality. Some are in favor of this measure, others are clearly against it and few are neutral to the announcement made by the council.

José Chulvi at City Hall

In the plenary session last night at the town hall the mayor, Óscar AntónHe asked the reasons for the prohibition of these celebrations. Mayor, José Chulvi, he replied that, "It has been taken for the safety of people and against the mistreatment of animals. Also supported by the entire municipal group".

Once the plenary session, Chulvi explained more clearly the reasons for the ban on the grounds that, "ands a decision I took some time and was thoughtful. The main thing is to preserve the safety of people at a show of this kind and to prevent mistreatment of animals". He added that "the tradition of bous al carrer and Bous a la Mar is maintained as we believe that animals are abused".

The mayor who assumes full responsibility for the measure has the support of his socialist colleagues and by the Compromis group. Chulvi commented that "the party evolves and you have to respect the rights of both people and animals".

Finally, he said that "I called the only party committees that have planned events and are organizing bullfighting events. I have no objection to talking with Taurine Cultural Association".

  1. Netty nachtegall says:

    very good decision

  2. M. Bolufer says:

    Proud to be xabiera !!!! No animal maltractament !!!

  3. Christiane Exposito says:

    very good decision