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San Sebastián Bulls go back to the main squares of the Historic Center

Start date: 20 January 2015
Finish date: 25 January 2015
Event type: Party
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Event finished

The arrival of January does not, after the holidays, a gradual return to routine in the festive calendar of the town. If last week we reported on the feast of San Antonio Abad, who this weekend will live its peak, now plays set in the celebrations in honor of San Sebastian, patron of Xàbia.

A date in the past four years, has won enhance and impact thanks to the duo formed by the Comissió of Sant Sebastian and Cultural Association Xàbia Taurine returning to bet on els bous al carrer in the Plaça de l'Esglèsia and Plaça de Baix main attraction of the holidays.

San Sebastián Bulls go back to the main squares of the old town

In fact, councilman Festival, Juan Ortolá; thanked the tremendous work of both groups "are those who bear the expenses involved in these celebrations while the City only processes relevant permits," he remarked the mayor. "In addition, the current program of San Sebastian attracts many people from outside and generates a good impact on the Hospitality of the two squares and around," added Ortolá.

Vicente Salvador, president of the organizing committee wanted to highlight the activities planned for this year will start the same Sunday 18 with cyclist trophy Sant Sebastia Patro de Xàbia included in the Tour of La Marina. He martes 20Big party day, the day will start with bell ringing and despertà. By midmorning, the Comissió held a parade through the historic center and will make another mid-afternoon, this time visiting the alcoves of the pattern. At 20 h. Mass will take place at the Parish of St. Bartholomew. The programming of the association complete a storyteller for children in the Culture House el Saturday 24 at 11 h.

President of the Bullfighting Cultural Association, Guillermo Bolufer, taurine detailed programming will focus its actions from Friday to Sunday 23 25 with three daily sessions at 12: 30h, A las 17: 30h or 22: 30h. On Saturday night there will be a bou embolat and some of the performances on Saturday are sponsored by businesses in the area as are the Imperial bar and my Lola. As he Saturday such as Sunday Carriages will be smaller to 12 h.

The councilman Festival has received his license as a member of the ACT

Taurine Cultural Association seeks partners

Bolufer wanted to thank the collaboration of all those who help sponsor and maintain bullfighting in the Historic Center that is possible today thanks to the efforts of the group that represents alive.

In this sense it has appealed for anyone who wants to participate, point and collaborate with a nominal fee of 25 euros annually. ACT, which has 34 partners today, meets every year at your local Main Street to 20h.

The president of the association also wanted to thank the work carried out by his predecessor, José Juan Ribes, who after five years of dedication and work, has left the presidency that he assumed since the foundation of the association.

About about the controversy on the initiative of the Council of Culture related to the fire bull and bull cased both Juan Guillermo Ortolá as Bolufer, they have commented that hold a meeting with the Consell and the rest of the municipality commissions festeras soon.

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