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The Comissió of Loreto shows its rejection of the proposal on the feast of Bous in the Consell de Cultura

12 December 2014 - 19: 22

Due to the confusion of a communication medium when pointing out that the promoter of the allegation in defense of the integrity of the bull as an animal and against the celebrations of 'bou embolat' and 'bou encaixonat' approved by the Municipal Council of Culture, formed part of said advisory body representing the Comissió de Festes Mare de Déu de Loreto; the party entity has sent a statement to all the media in which it shows its dissatisfaction with the opinions made by its partner. Also, in said press release, the Commission explains the presence of a member in the Council who is far from representing the Commission for the Sea Customs Festivities.

This information is not liable to this medium, Javea.com, since at no time has he linked to the Comissió de Festes Mare de Déu de Loreto in his published information.

The statement is as follows:

Faced with reports in various media in relation to the decision taken by the Municipal Council of Culture about the celebrations of "Bou embolat" i "Bou encaixonat" and confusions that may have occurred in public opinion news, this Party Commission wishes to clarify and highlight the following points:

1º.- The Comissió of Festes de Deu de Loreto Mare is fully detached and is alien to the decision that he may take the aforementioned Council of Culture.

2º.- The proposal or opinion that was able to express one or some members of this Committee in the Consell referred exclusively on an individual basis, and not on behalf of the Party Commission de Deu de Loreto Mare.

3º.- The vast majority of members of the Comission of Festes de Deu de Loreto Mare, is in favor of the traditional festival dels Bous a la Mar and Bous al Carrer in all its modalities are being carried out.

4º.- The aforementioned bullfighting celebrations are covered by the Decree 24/2007, of February 23, of the Consell, by which the Regulation of Traditional Bullfighting Festivities in the Valencian Community is approved (bous al carrer), modified by the Decree 120 / 2010, 27 August of and developed by the Order 1 2009 September; legislation which aims to guarantee the rights, interests and safety of spectators and participants and the integrity of animals.

Bous a la Mar in Duanes of the Sea of ​​Xàbia

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