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Shoes Ramón MarsalThe June 20, 2019 to 11: 25
Good morning, The price of this model is 54,90 €. We do not have an online store, but we can make shipments.
Adrian BakerThe June 19, 2019 to 16: 15
Hello, my father was a carpenter and I have many tools that he used and I can not. Mainly carved in chisels and appliances. I read that many tools were stolen, so if you want the tools I have, for free, please write to
ErikaThe June 19, 2019 to 12: 25
Well, I refer to my comment of the past day 15. Today, 19 day, I took the bus to go up to the town and I have seen that the summer schedule has been delayed again and will not start until the June 28 day !! It is clear that the councilor responsible for transport we care about a radish residents in Jávea and that only cares about this transportation so necessary when they will appear tourists, lest they speak after the poorly managed that is for the rest of the year . A real disgust!
Otto DiazThe June 19, 2019 to 10: 16
Good morning Judith, Yes it is private and tell you that it is best to take a date with Dr. Lizón to examine him and to make a budget. The consultation with the traumatologist is 90 €. Thank you. A greeting.
Otto DiazThe June 19, 2019 to 09: 59
Good morning Judith, comment that if we are private and that the best thing is that you take a date with Dr. Lizón and he will examine you and he will already make a budget. The consultation with the traumatologo is 90 €. Thank you. A greeting.
Doris HitzThe June 18, 2019 to 22: 54
Doing sports together with proper nutrition is essential for well-being. It is always good to have advice and help from a professional person
Josefa MasóThe June 18, 2019 to 16: 33
It is always good to know how to take care of yourself ...
FaniThe June 18, 2019 to 12: 59
What are the prices, can I buy them online?
JudithThe June 18, 2019 to 12: 07
It is private how much
FernandoThe June 18, 2019 to 10: 01
CONGRATULATIONS ELI and other collaborators of CARITAS. You are an example of commitment to help the most needy. THANK YOU.
Julio VerneThe June 17, 2019 to 09: 24
Miquel, or you have updated the news by leaving you wrong or malicious comments on purpose. It puts it clearly in the delegations of Rita Berruti ... Núcleo Urbano del Arenal
L, AinsworthThe June 15, 2019 to 13: 19
When will repairs be done to, streets damaged by the flood.? I have made three complaints about my road which is in a dangerous state and had had the courtesy of a response Which councilor is in charge of this? Can we be assured the incompetence will stop with the new Administration? Our cedula is taking nearly three years! Why?
L, AinsworthThe June 15, 2019 to 13: 18
When will repairs be done to, streets damaged by the flood.? I have made three complaints about my road which is in a dangeous state and have had not been the courtesy of a response Which councilor is in charge of this? Can we be assured the incompetence will stop with the new Administration? Our cedula is taking nearly three years! Why?
Guillermo GeisserThe June 15, 2019 to 10: 27
Indeed the Arenal is an abandoned urban area of ​​sewerage infrastructure, unpaved areas and non-existent parks, with all taxes paid is inexplicable that there is not a single council for that urban district. And when it rains what? We must continue to endure floods, well I did not realize that there are more important things such as the constitution of an Auditorium, a more important issue than the safety and welfare of the taxpaying citizenship.
Guillermo GeisserThe June 15, 2019 to 10: 02
I agree that the Arenal is abandoned infrastructure, streets and undeveloped spaces and a third-world sewerage network, so happens what happens when it rains, in order this term, will the state remain abandoned? Parks in the Arenal? Or for what taxes are paid. There should be a council as an urban area what it is.
ErikaThe June 15, 2019 to 09: 36
Milagros, sorry, but there is a bus that leaves the bus station at 20 and passes through the port on the 20,10 h. The last of this absurd schedule is the 21 h, with return from Cala Blanca to the village to the 21,30. Of course, be prepared to know nothing about the bus during the fiestas of Loreto del Puerto, because, instead of putting some alternative stops and meeting the schedule, it simply does not appear. As it is also absurd to make the bus station useless during the festivities of San Juan, is there no other place to place the bulls? Or that the bus CAN pass over the bridge of Triana, in the port, when the International Festival is celebrated, which completely cuts the Vía Augusta. The miracle that San Juan gives us every year is that the bridge does not fall. Until there is a misfortune, of course.
ErikaThe June 15, 2019 to 09: 25
Well, D. José Luis Luengo, councilor responsible for transport, I would replace it already, taking advantage of the distribution of councils announced by Mr. Chulvi. I do not know how long Mr. Luengo has been in that council, nor do I have the pleasure of meeting him, but it is clear that, at least in the last four years, he has done absolutely nothing to improve the schedules or anything on the bus. Indeed, what Teresa says is true, when they have wanted to eliminate stops (Toscamar, Bar La Cova), have been eliminated, therefore, the contract is modified when interested. And, since the Triana bridge is going, apparently, for long, could not a stop be placed in front of the Institute, on Avenida Augusta? The bus passes by and there is a stop for the buses that, I suppose, take to the students. The schedule is ridiculous, people do not use the bus precisely because of that. Everywhere we are promoting the use of public transport, which is often deficient (which is what they are grabbing in Jávea to justify) and, please, do not tell me they can not pay 1.000 or 2.000 € more when they spend the money to squirt in things totally dispensable. That we are not fools! All of us who write in this debate do it so that Jávea improves, wow.
Miquel StrogoffThe June 14, 2019 to 20: 50
And of the ARENAL NOTHING OF NOTHING as always, there are no parks the salt marsh is made a dirty shit on all sides there are no infrastructures but well, follow that way champions. I believe that we will have to create our own government in the ARENAL. If you are in favor of creating your own government in the area of ​​ARENAL, decide ... This will end discrimination in this area.
JUANThe June 14, 2019 to 18: 22
Miquel StrogoffThe June 14, 2019 to 16: 01
The one that looms. Let them catch us confessed ...
Miquel StrogoffThe June 14, 2019 to 15: 46
Progressive economic model no ?? We can, Psoe, Zapatero, Chulvi that is the model that I usually call that is called Titanic which means sinking.
but goodThe June 14, 2019 to 11: 35
You have no fucking idea. Your economic model is what led us to ruin in the last crisis. Only by protecting can we save our jobs. Drink water, go.
Miquel StrogoffThe June 14, 2019 to 10: 31
Whimper?? Haha you laugh, when you can not eat and you do not have money for pipes and you'll cry already ... I'm just telling you what's coming up prepare the suitcases that will have to go out to look for work that is coming bad times remember what I tell you BAD TIMES is getting very ugly here .. They do not want tourists there is no work and everything is forbidding so get ready Ai Miguelin hbra time to mourn ....
Milagros llinasThe June 13, 2019 to 21: 35
It is truly inexplicable that with the distance between the 3 urban centers, town, port and the arenal, there is no urban transport from the 20 hours. I have found the circumstance of leaving mass of the 20 h only in the afternoon and not have how to return to the sandy beach where I live. Not only are the parties to which you can not go because of the lack of transport, it is the daily life that is damaged.
Ai, miguelínThe June 13, 2019 to 16: 23
Miguel, if you're going to continue whining, I recommend drinking lots of water. For dehydration and such ...
ErikaThe June 13, 2019 to 09: 09
Totally agree with you! As it is also outrageous that the bus has to make an absurd detour, by not being able to circulate on that street more than in one direction. And the bus schedule continues, over the years, to be absurd; in full festivities of San Juan continues to circulate every hour, apparently the "winter" in Jávea lasts until the June 26!
Miquel StrogoffThe June 12, 2019 to 23: 47
Will a blacksmith go to put some fences or doors so that no one enters? As usual here in Javea, fences and prohibit is the only thing they know how to do ...
AndrewThe June 12, 2019 to 20: 56
Gloria Senti RibesThe June 12, 2019 to 19: 53
M'encanta la façana so llarga d'showcase, li dóna a prestància to carrer i al poble ..., that does not disappear mai "Calzados Ramón Marsal"
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