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The rain does not prevent celebrating the second bullfighting session of the Nazarene festivities

27 2022 April - 21: 19

Under the umbrellas. This is how hundreds of people have been in the second bullfighting session of the festivities in honor of Jesús Nazareno de Xàbia. The desire to enjoy the festive events and the atmosphere that is lived in the square has been stronger than the light rain.

And the truth is that during the first hour of the afternoon, the weather questioned the celebration of the entrance of heifers and the release of bulls. The eyes of the neighbors and the organizers pointed to the sky, but when the time came, and with the square full, the herds have released the cattle to continue with the marked programming of Bous on the street.

People, under the umbrella, have endured practically the entire bullfighting day. Up to four cows have been able to go out into the ring. Subsequently, the rain has begun to be stronger and many of the attendees have chosen to end the bullfighting session.

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