Ars Nova hung the complete poster in the final concert of his 25 anniversary

Ars Nova hung the complete poster in the final concert of his 25 anniversary

Absolute success and unforgettable concert, which starred the Grup Polifònic Ars Nova last Saturday at the church Sn Bartolomé de Xàbia. With the full capacity, Ars Nova managed to concentrate many people including the mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, along with the Councilor for Culture, Quico Moragues, to support

The Choir of Xàbia offers two Christmas concerts this weekend

The Orfeón de Xàbia joins the Christmas program offering two Christmas-themed recitals: On 14 Friday in December, at 20: 30 hours, it will be at the Church of Loreto and on Sunday, 16 at December, at 20 hours, at concert will take place in the Church of San Bartolomé.

Concert of the Grup Polifònic Ars Nova Xàbia

The Ars Nova de Xàbia will offer one of the most special concerts of his career. As closure of the 2018, the year in which the choir celebrates the 25 anniversary of its formation, the XXV Anniversary Concert will take place next Saturday 15 in December at the 21: 00h in the Church of San Bartolomé de Xàbia

Ballarín and Szlapa will offer a charity concert at the San Bartolomé Church

The duo formed by Nati Ballarín and Emilia Szlapa will offer a benefit concert in Xàbia. After its success in different cities of Spain and Europe, will land in our town on November 29. The duo that finalizes the tour of their concerts in the month of December, receives some unbeatable reviews, an example of

Concert of sacred music in the Parish of Loreto in favor of Parish Caritas

On Saturday, 6 in October, the Parish Our Lady of Loreto of Xàbia, hosts the Charity Concert in favor of Parish Caritas, Sanctis Diebus Singers, the English Choir of Salisbury, which has more than 35 years of experience. The performance will start at 17: 00 hours and will offer a fantastic music recital

Cultural Programming by the 9 October: Music Concert 'Remembrances'

On the occasion of the celebration of the 9 festival in October, the Department of Culture has scheduled different activities that will be developed until the next October 11. On Wednesday 3 in October, at 20: 30 hours, at Conservatori Professional de Música, Paco Varoch (piccolo) and Jesús Gómez (piano) will offer a concert under

Local meeting of youth music bands

The youngest musicians of the Marina Alta will meet in Xàbia, on the afternoon of Saturday 22 in September, with the Regional Encounter of youth music bands. From the 17 hours, in the Plaza de la Constitución, there will be several musical workshops organized by musical societies, for all participants.


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