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Children and adults enjoy the first day of bullfighting

16 June 2017 - 13: 03

One of the acts of the party program that people most expect is els bous al carrer. Both children and adults enjoy the bullfighting environment. La entrà de bous, els carretons, The release of heifers and the baret Next to the music of the charanga makes entertaining and different the afternoon of celebration.

The bullfights take four days of the festival program of Fogueres de Sant Joan Of Xàbia where all the public is participant. Both the rocks and the fifths and neighbors of Xàbia and comarca are approaching these days to the enclosure installed in the parking of the Palmela Avenue.

Yesterday Thursday, since the 18: 00 hours, the youngest had their moment of bullfighting with Els carretons. As if it were a bull, the children ran and had fun playing, thus taking advantage of their time to be in the ring.

Subsequently, at 19: 00 hours, the beginning of the enters. Six bulls of the cattle ranch Coves Of Pedreguer toured some of the streets of Xàbia beginning Als bous to the carrer.

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