San Sebastián

Xàbia prepares to honor Sant Sebastià with 'bous al carrer', parades, discomóviles and religious acts

Xàbia prepares to honor Sant Sebastià with 'bous al carrer', parades, discomóviles and religious acts

With the celebrations of Sant Antoni still present, Xàbia is preparing to celebrate the festivities in honor of its patron, Sant Sebastià, starting next weekend. The events, organized by the San Sebastián commission and the Asociación Cultural Taurina, will start on Friday afternoon with the first release of heifers

Last day of bullfighting events in Xàbia

This Sunday was the last in which bullfighting events have been held on the occasion of the holidays of the patron saint of the municipality, San Sebastián. In the enclosure enabled for the celebrations the fans to the bullfighting have been able to enjoy with the heifers and bulls of the different herds that have participated in the acts.

The feast of San Sebastià takes over from Sant Antoni

On Friday, the festivities begin in honor of the patron saint of Xàbia, San Sebastià, a festival organized by the patron of the master and the Taurine Cultural Association of Xàbia. Throughout the weekend there are several scheduled events highlighting the bullfighting celebrations held in the Plaza de la Iglesia and the Plaza de

Xàbia prepares for the festivities of San Antonio and Sant Sebastià

The councilman of parties of Xàbia, Toni Miragall, along with the representative of CAE El Tirasset, Miguel Alentado, have presented the events that will be organized on the festival in honor of San Antonio Abad. The first act that starts the festivities is organized by Penya La Burrera, which consists of

Taurine Cultural Association suspends the acts of the parties Sant Sebastia

Today, January 20, Xàbia celebrates the day of its patron, Sant Sebastia. During these holidays, ACT (Taurine Cultural Association) and the Party Commission of San Sebastian had scheduled different events for the weekend including highlighting els bous al carrer. Given the weather situation throughout the

Despite the bad weather, the festival of Sant Sebastia are continuing

Weather forecast for the weekend is not good. And although, from the commission of Sant Sebastia parties have tried to postpone the events for next week, we have met with the refusal of the council. As pointed out members of the organization, on Tuesday night, there was a meeting

Kick-off parties Sant Antoni y Sant Sebastia

The blessing of animals, cream pine, processions, popular meetings, liturgies, the funfair and bullfights star in the next two weekends. The festival of Sant Antoni takes place on Saturday and tomorrow and the festivities in honor of Sant Sebastia, local employer, which will

Rough 'bou embolat' in the celebrations of San Sebastián

He was injured when the valets Xàbia prepared to embolat the bull. Fortunately there were no regrets no injuries, although the situation created much confusion among the people who participated in the bullfighting events in honor of San Sebastián, held in the plaza of the Church of Xàbia.

San Sebastián holding pattern Xàbia

Today is January 20 San Sebastian, patron of Javea and the commission has come this morning the streets of the historic center spreading, "Coca María", peanuts and sweet wine. In the afternoon visit the San Sebastia alcoves and 20: 00 hours will be held in the parish of Sant Bertomeu a Mass in honor of


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