The Hermitage of Santa Lucía and Santa Bárbara

The Hermitage of Santa Lucía and Santa Bárbara crowns the highest point of one of the highest rocks in the municipality. At 162 meters high, this small chapel is built - municipal property - which is encompassed, by its architectural arrangement, within the so-called hermitage of conquest (hermitage of conquesta). Although...

Visit to the 'Cova de les Bruixes'to celebrate in' Tourism Day 'in Benitatxell

This Wednesday the "Day of Tourism" was celebrated and in the Poble Nou de Benitatxell they did it with a day of visit to the "Cova de les Bruixes". More than a hundred people went there, going through a very particular landscape; They crossed riuraus and vineyards until they reached the site. Miguel Sánchez and Anna Viciach,...

New findings in the Cova de les Bruixes of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell

In recent days there has been good news in the archaeological excavations that are taking place in the Cova de les Bruixes. The archaeologists, Miquel Sánchez and Anna Viciach, have discovered in these last weeks three lamps of pitera dated, one of them, in the eleventh century and the other two, which are...

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