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The Generalitat expands security measures for celebrations Bous al Carrer

February 21 from 2017 - 02: 03

The Government, through the Directorate General of the Agency for Safety and Emergency Response (AVSRE), presented in the context of the Commission on Traditional bullfights, the Annual Report Bous al Carrer of 2016.

Given the figures of the report, the general director of the Valencian Agency for Safety and Emergency Response, José María Ángel, said that "2016 has been a turning point in the party since we have opened the debate for the incorporation of measures aimed at minimizing risks and increasing the safety of bous al carrer parties, as well as improving animal welfare."

Specifically, these measures may include the regulations are aimed at improving three key areas: medical care during the celebration, animal welfare and the closing elements of travel. Angel has indicated that the Commission Bous al Carrer It has also served to incorporate the party several measures which clearly impact on its improvement and could begin to be implemented in 2018, "once the current regulation is extended".

New measures

As for the medical service, the Government committed to regulate how having more concrete and specific for the care that may be needed during the course of the festival equipment. Concerning animal welfare is fully intended to incorporate the Vet figure celebrations bous al carrer during the celebration of the same.

The functions of this professional will be several: Preparation of documentation animal transfer, documentation management of wild bull on his death in the slaughterhouse, revision of health and hygiene corrals and pigsties and advice conditions and report to the director of the festival about incidents and aspects deemed derivatives show.

Finally, as to the barriers and cadafales, issues such as anchor on the wall or the forecast for the running of vertical barriers with horizontal boards will be added.

2016 figures

According to the report of 2016, in Valencia, a total of 8.937 celebrations were held, with more than 695 2015. By provinces, Castellón is still accumulating more with 4.688 versus 4.035 2015 of, followed by Valencia with 3.188, 73 more than 2015. As for Alicante, it is the only province that has declined slightly from to make 1.061 celebrations in 2016, 1.092 from 2015 before.

Referring to the number of people killed this year is regrettable two deaths, while in 2015 amounted to seven people. Registration number of injured also declined to 883 515 passing.

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