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Bullfighting festivities: this is the position of the political parties of Xàbia before the ACT survey

May 26 from 2023 - 21: 36

A few days ago, the Bullfighting Cultural Association of Xàbia sent a letter to each political party that competes in the municipal elections to find out what their opinion was about the bullfighting festivals in the municipality and emphasizing two events in this program, the bou embolat and bou encaixonat.

Faced with this request from the collective, the political parties have issued their position.

Commitments for Xabìa

With respect to your query, we have to inform you that we cannot give an opinion with a collection regarding the bous. The people who form Compromís per Xàbia are very diverse, from fans to people who are not in agreement; The most important is the respect and safety of the citizenry and of the animals.

We are in favor of bullfighting acts in the street, regarding the acts of bullfighting and boxed bull, a citizen consultation will be held.

Citizens Jávea

As you well know, from Ciudadanos por Jávea, we have always been at your disposal in the different party associations. In 2011 when Juan Ortolá I had the Department of Fiestas, we started the San Sebastián fiestas with bullfighting acts.

We also want to add that both the candidate, Mavi Pérez how Juan Ortolá, are collaborating members of the ACT and your president Guillermo has been in our CPJ party for several years.

From Ciudadanos por Jávea we are not going to pronounce either in favor or against bullfighting, or its different modalities. We are a party that, whenever we have been in the department of festivals, we have been helping the different festive commissions that carry out bullfighting acts, such as those that do not carry out said acts because we know that all those people who are working for a whole year, selflessly to Being able to configure their schedules, we believe that they are the ones who should always decide what they want to do within the law.

Therefore, we will always be at the side of the different commissions that decide to organize the bullfighting festivals in their programming in the modality that they decide.

Therefore we are not going to demand nor are we going to prohibit not carrying out any modality, always having our help if we are in the government team from the Town hall. #togetherwearestronger#

Vox Xàbia


Vox = with and defending the traditions of our people, keeping our word. VOX FREEDOM!

We can Xàbia

From Podem Xàbia we cannot promote or support suffering; neither animal nor much less human.

  1. Luis says:

    This is very simple: vote in each town if you want to spend public money on bullfights, parties and open-air discos. Do the people decide or not?

  2. Cut and paste says:

    And the PSOE does not respond or is it that the copy and paste does not work for more?

  3. Miquel says:

    All in favor except the podemites.
    They like the English all backwards or to do the opposite.