Ciudadanos Xàbia considers "deficient" the six years of management of the government team

Ciudadanos Xàbia considers "deficient" the six years of management of the government team

Through a statement, Ciudadanos Xàbia has criticized the management, of the last six years, of the xabiero government team. As they affirm from the political group, in the municipality, "a growing inaction of the government team is detected before the diverse fronts that are opening to him caused by a deficient management in different

Citizens Xàbia raises doubts before the municipal management

The grouping of Citizens Xàbia has issued a statement in which it raises different questions about the management that the team of government does and echoes the neighborhood concerns. The political group refers to several issues such as the General Plan, the contracting of the solid waste service, the new measure

Popular remain the most voted in Xábia

Few changes that we provide the general election data regarding the last elections held in December. The Popular Party has been the political party that obtained the most votes in Xábia. Popular have managed to raise the number of votes, as they have gone from having the 32.07% to 36.20%.

The Popular Party wins in Xàbia

The Popular Party has been the political party that obtained the most votes in Xábia. But in the analysis to be performed numbers have not been too favorable to them. Popular earned a total of 2.757 votes, which give a 32,07% of the vote. The popular training has lost a total of

Juan Carlos Generoso: "We should not feel bad about the result"

The only candidate who did not reach municipal representation was Juan Carlos Generoso member of the Citizens training. Generoso has made his own reading of the results, "we have not lost votes, we won and this will serve as a platform for the future." Generoso justifies the late start of his election campaign and

UPDATED: 2015 local and regional elections in Jávea

In the 20 hours they have closed the 11 schools where they have been installed 25 polling stations where residents and resident registered in the municipality have exercised the right to vote in municipal and regional elections. Election Day was developed as normal without having happened worthy facts

Day of reflection after a frantic night season finale

We're in the day forethought to hectic day of election day. A day when citizens need to analyze all these messages during the election campaign have been hearing from each other. Last night, closing campaign was frantic in all formations

Closes parties and party campaign rallies

On the last day of campaigning all formations bet on their big rally party like closing thereof. The Democratic-Citizens Xàbia Jávea coalition will be in the Reina Sofía Park Thiviers where all members of this training will last call to voters with a clear message, "United for Xàbia.

Xàbia, the vital choice of Juan Carlos Generoso

With a family vincualda to this land, it was not surprising that chose to live. This employee banking nature lover and javiense village, opt for mayor of Javea on behalf of Citizen's. We talk one on one with Juan Carlos in Duanes Generoso de la Mar.


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