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Manifestation in favor of the 'bou embolat' and the 'bou encaixonat' in Xàbia

18 2016 April - 00: 03

The president of the Cultural Association Xàbia Taurine, Guillermo Bolufer, has confirmed Xàbia.com the call for a demonstration in favor of the party "Bous embolats"And"Bous encaixonats". The concentration will be on May 1 18 to hours.

Call sign Taurine Cultural Association of Xàbia

From the different channels of dissemination that the association has on social networks, all lovers of bullfighting, breeders, trimmers, boosters and especially the different bullfighting associations that exist in the region are invited that day in Xàbia.

The march will begin at 18:XNUMX p.m. from the Plaza de la Constitución (Post Office) and will go through the streets of the old town to reach the door of the town hall. A few months ago, the mayor of the municipality himself made the decision to prohibit celebrations of the "bou embolat"And"bou encaixonat"Days after accident It happened in the festivities in honor of San Sebastia. In fact, in the holidays of the Nazarene they have remained the "Bous al carrer" but there will be no "bou embolat" or "bou encaixonat".

  1. Erika says:

    I totally agree with Julio and all other people who are against animal abuse. And I'm sure the baret not experience any loss; I myself have gone to drink, because it is very entertaining and enjoyable.
    And I want to give my congratulations to the Civil Guard, for all its services, apart from the kindness with which you get if you go to see (or report) something. Long live the Civil Guard! And also the other security forces: fire, police, etc. so often risk their lives to save ours. My thanks to all of them.

  2. July says:

    I do not argue that bullfighting is art, it is something that is structured, has very definite rules, sanctions Failure to obey an aesthetic, a few centuries of history. We could reach agreements, and have, as in Portugal, bulls without death.
    But do not tell me to box bulls, throw them into the water, light a fire in their horns,… .. I am not following, I think the outrage is clear.
    And I do not think the baret was wrong, honestly.

  3. Pascual Buigues Costa says:

    The gent who els animals maltracta not mereix tipus cap of respect.

  4. José says:

    Julio says 1 May Day is more important manifest for work, if someone does not know is homage to the Martyrs of Chicago. These anarcho-syndicalists were executed in the United States for its participation in the days of struggle for achieving working day of eight hours, which originated in the strike called on 1 May 1886 and its peak three days later, the May 4 in the Haymarket Riot. Thereafter it became a day of protest for the rights of workers in general held in greater or lesser extent throughout the world.

    So count on me to manifest these workers, not a group of people want to put fire on the horns of a bull or want to submit to a situation of intense stress by putting it in a drawer.

    There are other forms of entertainment that do not go through suffering to an animal, I invite all of taurine association test them.

  5. Inma cores says:

    Mr. Julio, just as they ask for respect, respect… If not… As they say in my town »fer com fan es no sin»… What would be the baret dels bous sense els bous a la mar? (On han mort uns cuants bous i vaques). The one who said that he goes to the baret and does not see the bous, cheats on him mateix, because the baret would not exist if they did not make bous to the sea.
    Remain reasonable, and let us inform abans…. Nia lleis who is fulfilled, with the height of the ferros xa that is not cremen, or punxarlos amb claus, which is prohibited and is vigilant…. The thing about San Sebastian is going to be a mistake, how many people are going to train the stick, how much is the serril cow going to die…. The society has aplegat to a point of dictatorship, sense votes, which are not normal….

  6. Inma says:

    Julio, just as they respect, they respect you too. Everyone makes the demonstrations they want….

  7. Elisa says:

    Shameful ... there are more important things in this life.

  8. no_al_maltracte_animal says:

    Trist facing gent haja that vullga i estiga for animal maltracte

  9. fernando llaguno says:

    .OKAY. July

  10. July says:

    On May 1 it is well manifest, but for other things, social and labor. Left alone and bulls.