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The bay of Portitxol de Xàbia also rich in archaeological remains

29 October 2019 - 23: 59

The bay of Portitxol de Xàbia has been confirmed, by a study, as one of the richest coastal points at the archaeological level of the entire Valencian Community. That is the result obtained from the underwater surveys carried out and in which a total of 40 historical anchors have been found, dated 20 from them, between 2.000 and 500 years old.

In the presentation, which has taken place in the Soler Blasco MuseumThe municipal archaeologist, Ximo Bolufer, and the archaeologists Jordi Blazquez and Alejandro Pérez participated, along with Corporal Ángel Montero and the Antonio García brigade, from the Special Group of Underwater Activities (GEAS) of the Civil Guard, and Roberto García, a diver who has contributed so much to locating the remains.

As Alejandro Pérez explained, in the documentation of the found anchors it is known that they are from the Roman and Phoenician times with about 2.000 years and added that in addition "Roman stocks and lead gadgets have been found, as well as an anchor anchor with an iron rod never seen."

Bolufer has indicated that the collaboration with the Civil Guard is continuous, "Two Andalusian-era anchors have been extracted with inverted arms or a Greek plate with bas-relief drawings and others at risk of being pillaged, but other remains remain the funds because our intention is to create a kind of underwater archeology museum, with routes of diving to spread this archeological richness in its context which is where it acquires all its historical meaning. "

With these visits explained, it is also hoped to raise awareness of the importance of protecting from plunder. However, to make the site accessible to those who do not dive, a virtual recreation of the pieces that could be displayed in the museum itself will be prepared, as stated by the municipal archaeologist.

Mayor, José Chulvi, thanked the presence of archaeologists and the group of underwater activities of the Civil Guard and stressed that the museum "It is an emblematic space for Xàbia as it helps us look at the past and be clear about where we have to project the future. It has to be preserving the environment, the seabed and our archaeological and cultural heritage."

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