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Xàbia reveals the wealth of the archaeological site of Portitxol

Event Date: December 03th 2021
Event type: Talk / conference
Site: House of Culture
Schedule: 20: 00 hours
Event finished

On Friday, December 3, the House of Culture de Xàbia hosts an informative talk about one of the most exciting projects that study the historical heritage of Xàbia. This is the research that began more than a year ago in collaboration with the University of Alicante in the Illa del Portitxol and the seabed that surround it. El Portitxol has been revealed as an archaeological site of enormous wealth.

The conference will be attended by the team of archaeologists coordinating the project (doctors Jaime Molina and JA Moya and archaeologists Alejandro Pérez and Jordi Blázquez, as well as the director of the Soler Blasco Museum, Joaquim Bolufer). It will be at 20 hours and has as a title 'El Portitxol: an old anchorage area'.

And it is that, submerged in this bay –which is suspected to have been the historic port of Xàbia-, anchors of all types, materials and periods have been located; Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine or Andalusian. The largest concentration of ancient anchors in the Mediterranean.

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