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Two graves in the Roman necropolis of Montañar are transferred to the funeral chapel of Sant Joan

10 June 2020 - 15: 29

El Soler Blasco Museum de Xàbia has coordinated the transfer and relocation of two burial pits excavated in rough stone, from the area of ​​the Roman burial necropolis of Montañar.

These tombs, which corresponded to an adult and a child, are part of the 38 tombs discovered in an archaeological excavation carried out in 2005 on the site of the old chalet known as The rocks in front of the Parador de Turismo.

The two rough blocks, weighing about 10.000 kilos, were moved in 2007 near the left bank of the mouth of the Gorgos river, just where the new Triana bridge is now being built. In this location they have gone quite unnoticed and for a long time Culture valued their relocation.

Now, the works and the new needs of the bridge have prompted to look for the new location for these Roman tombs that have taken to the old Sant Joan Cemetery to incorporate them into the cultural route of the old hermitage of Sant Joan, converted into a space where it is explained how those who have preceded us in these lands have approached death and what their rituals have been.

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