Restriction of vehicles in the coves of Xàbia

Xàbia will control the vehicle access to the coves Granadella and Portitxol (Barraca) starting this Thursday. This 18 of July, the City will implement the measure of control and surveillance of the accesses to the mentioned coves that will be through the installation of automatic control barriers that will prevent access to vehicles when parking spaces be full

The system, which has already worked the last two summers in Granadella, tries to stop traffic jams, collapse and access problems suffered by emergency services caused by badly parked or maneuvering vehicles. Also, this regulation is consistent with municipal policies in the search for sustainability of tourism.

As explained by the departments of Tourism and Beaches of Xàbia, as of Thursday there will be uniformed guards who control the barriers. In the case of Portitxol it will be located at the intersection of the road to the barraca and Truita street and in the Granadella in the upper part of the CV-7420 regional highway. This measure will be in coordination with personnel on the beach that will update the status of the car parks.

The schedule will be flexible and will be adjusted to the extent of the needs, which are different during the week, holidays or weekends. As in the Granadella, residents and authorized services will have accreditation cards to enter their homes and car parks. These will be delivered by the watchman himself at the barrier.

The same sources insist that this measure does not seek to prohibit or cause problems, but a reasonable regulation of parking on the beach that does not endanger the collective safety or make a day of beach in a stressful and conflictive situation.

Trenet Granadella

In the case of Granadella, as last year, the City Council has contemplated public transport service (a tourist train) that is awarded to Miguel Palomares since the beginning of this month of July, although - in compliance with legally established deadlines - it follows waiting for the successful bidder to submit all the documentation and permits, so at this time can not report the start date.

In the case of the Cala de la Barraca, before the possibility of putting a public transport service as in the Granadella, from the consistory say that for the Cala de la Barraca or Portitxol this type of service will not be available since going down to the cove on foot is much more affordable, with a route of about 10 minutes from the Creu del Portitxol.

Cala Ambolo

On the other hand, the City Council has also installed a barrier to close the total passage of vehicles to the Cala Ambolo, since it is a cove that is closed due to the high risk of landslides. This closure will also be supervised by security guards to prevent bathers from ignoring safety instructions, something that has been recurrent since the beginning of the summer.

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