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Cala de la Barraca or Portitxol: views, particularities and photos

08 2020 April - 18: 43

La Cala Portitxol (Portichol) or Portitxol beach or also known as Cala de la Barraca de Jávea is located between Cap Prim and el Cap Negre. It is a rustic beach of gravel, pebbles and rock, it has a length of 900 meters and its level of occupation is medium. This cove is sheltered by the cliffs that surround it.

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Cala's peculiarities

The Cala de la Barraca is currently known for different factors that make it different and charming. Currently, its old white and blue fishermen's houses make it one of the must-see and must-see attractions. The casitas are privately owned and their owners spend pleasant summer days and nights there.

Old fishermen's houses in Cala de la Barraca in Javea

On the other hand, having a few meters away, the Isla del Portitxol, hence its other name, this enclave is even more special. The Island, located in front of the beach or cove, near the coast, has an area of ​​300 meters and is of great botanical and archaeological interest, making it highly recommended for scuba diving. In addition, this island has, since October 2018, the name of Well of Cultural Interest (BIC) declared by the Consell.

Getting Here

As we have indicated, the Cala de la Barraca is located between Cap Prim and Cap Negre, so it is accessed by driving towards Cabo la Nao (along the way there are various signs that indicate the direction of the cove). Its access, right on the beach, can be done both by car, on the Cabo la Nao road or on foot from the Mirador de la Cruz del Portitxol, which is a hiking route next to nature.


For parking, it is free, but the truth is that there are not many places available, so it is recommended to go early.

In addition, since the summer of 2019, to avoid the crowding of vehicles, the Javea Town Hall installed a barrier to control access to the cove, during the summer months, with a security guard, facilitating the passage or not, depending on the availability of free parking spaces.


La Cala del Portitxol is highly recommended to practice the scuba diving. There are routes near the beach, specifically the L'Illa del Portitxol route of medium difficulty and with a depth of -21 meters.

The seabed of this area are truly appreciated by all lovers of this sport. It is also a good area to go out with the canoe, canoe or kayak and investigate the surroundings of the Cala del Portitxol and enjoy its beautiful cliffs or surround its islands.

Other sports such as windsurfing, surfing or paddle surfing are not practiced since its waters are not the most suitable for it. In case you want to practice this sport, it is better to go to the First beach Muntanyar Javea when it presents waves.


It is a quite complete cove in terms of services, since it has maritime surveillance and rescue for the safety of users. The state of the sea is also indicated with a flag.

Another service we find is that of sunbed and umbrella rental, very useful in this type of beach, and the rental of canoes and kayaks. In addition, bathers have completely free WC services.

In the cove we also find restaurants, which in addition to a careful gastronomy offers magnificent open views of the sea from its terrace.


On this beach, being away from the urban area, it does not have any nearby hotels or shops, but if you can see, in its surroundings, large privately owned chalets which are also rented for the summer months.

In addition, many of the Jávea villas in the Portitxol area are also for sale. La Cala de la Barraca or Playa del Portitxol is free of apartments or developments.


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