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The transformation of Duanes de la Mar: the PSOE Xàbia announces the projects for this neighborhood at its meeting

May 20 from 2023 - 01: 05

On Friday night, the Socialist Party was present in the fishing neighborhood of Duanes de la Mar. In the Paseo del pintor Joaquín Sorolla and in front of the Grava beach, their candidates took stock of the changes that the fishing neighborhood has undergone in recent years and what they still have to do.

Among the achievements, the Socialists spoke of the municipal swimming pool project, almost finished "and come true", the remodeling of Jaume I and Lepanto avenues, the Triana Bridge and the parking lot with charging stations for electric vehicles.

But in the face of these actions, the mayoral candidate, José Chulvi, and the candidates who intervened: Kika Mata, Alberto Tur, Vicent Miralles and Isabel Moreno, announced their proposals to continue transforming and turning this center into a benchmark.

Tur pointed out that together with the construction of the swimming pool, a new sports area that will combine the Palau d'Esports and the Les Mesquides field, With the pedestrianization of Manuel Bordes Valls street which will join the access of the Genoa street bridge as well as the renovation of the sports facilities of Les Mesquides which will house another paddle tennis court and new facilities.

In terms of culture, Chulvi spoke of the great offer and infrastructures that the neighborhood has thanks to the Casa del Cable or the performances in the different corners of Duanes but also highlighted the creation of the Mediterranean Museum, a museum of underwater archeology that will be located on the Vía Augusta and will house all those pieces found on the seabed of Xàbia.

On the other hand, but with the objective of connecting the port of Xàbia with the Arenal, the PSOE will continue with the reorganization of the first Montañar, now semi-pedestrian, will open access to Calle Génova in the section of the Parador and improve mobility with bike lanes and public transport.

Finally, the socialist mayor explained the importance of maintaining the essence of Xàbia and its fishing port, "for this reason we will take the requests of the sailors to the Valencian Parliament, Madrid or Brussels".

But among his proposals are also: the project for a high-rise car park next to the fish market, with a square-viewpoint over the sea at the top, the renovation of the Pedro IV children's playground or the construction of social housing on Augusta Avenue .

  1. Jesus says:

    The saddest thing is to see the bad and not the good. Surely if another party was in charge they would also complain. Let's see if any of you or your acquaintances have not benefited from the aid that was made in COVID, and from all the benefits that this candidacy has made in favor of people. Ungrateful dissatisfied, see if another party cares about the people in general or only for what is best for them.
    I wish José Chulvi you win and continue leading the town and much better than before.

  2. Fool says:

    Yes, you do, Maria. But first things first, you know that "charity begins with oneself". First is your job and your salary.

  3. duaner says:

    Today I saw Chulvi at the rally in Valencia, sad and worried, tired. And here he continues to announce things for who knows when. He talks just to talk.

  4. xabiero says:

    Promise, promise and then promise to do nothing As in the last twelve years, the little that has been done has been late and bad.

  5. María says:

    I hope that those four cats that are in their acts represent the result of the 28th.

    Shameful to download a bag of promises at the last minute, what a stomach you must have.

    It's unfortunate for you, Chulvi, but it doesn't matter, I see that you don't realize anything. Never.