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Primer Muntanyar or Benissero beach: characteristics and services

August 31 from 2021 - 12: 00

La Beach First Muntanyar (or Montañar) or Playa del Benissero de Jávea (name adopted because part of this beach is due to the house owned by a citizen of Benissa) is the longest beach in the municipality since it has approximately 2 km in length and 30 meters in width.


It is a semi-urban beach made up especially of rocks and gravel, so it is recommended to go with suitable footwear. It does not have any sandy area, so water sports can be practiced since it usually has a moderate swell. This beach has a medium occupancy level and dog bathing is prohibited on this beach.

The Primer Montañar beach is characterized by the gravel area that comprises it, with an extension of 400 meters in a band 35 meters wide and its main role is the rough stone area that occupies 1.600 meters of the total extension. This beach also has a lot of history since the predominant rough stone settlements were used in the past for the carving and extraction of the rough stone that was used as construction material.


For years, the coastal strip of the First Mountain has been protected and for this, different protection measures and projects have been studied to create a promenade in this area of ​​high landscape, natural and heritage value of the municipality and thus improve the image and public use of this place.

At the moment, some actions have been carried out, such as prohibiting parking on the seafront, in line with sustainability policies, but work continues on a global project that serves to enhance this environment and promote it as a promenade.

Baths of the Queen

In its southernmost slope we will find a large excavated raft, that is, a large reservoir or pond carved into the rock and connected to the sea, known as the Baths of the Queen. This area was a commercial settlement in the second half of the s. I BC, where salted fish and fish sauce were made. This section is popularly known as the 'Cala del Ministro'.

Sunrise of Spain

Another thing that can be done on this beach is to observe the wonderful sunrise also known as the "Dawn of Spain" due to its great beauty. Although it is not actually the northernmost tip of the peninsula, and it may not be the first point on the peninsula where the sun is seen every day, but it is traditionally known by this name. And the thing is, the sunrise from this point on the Costa Blanca is wonderful.

In addition, witnessing a sunrise is undoubtedly one of the most magical moments that is also recommended to see from any of the viewpoints of the town.


Your main view is the Cape San Antonio, since throughout its route, it is never out of sight, like Cap Prim, which can be seen on the other side of the bay.


The beach is located between the area of ​​Duanes de la Mar (port) and the Arenal Beach; specifically it extends from the mouth of the Gorgos river to the Arenal beach. Located on Avenida del Mediterráneo.


It is a beach where the wind bothers when there is one so it is a good place to practice water sports such as windsurfing or paddle surfing, we can also find places to rent canoes or kayaks.

Although it is not the most appropriate beach for it, there are many people who go in to practice the snorkel and many surfers who take their boards out when there is waves. To practice sports such as volleyball, it is best to go to Playa del Arenal since the sand surface is more suitable for it.


Surveillance and first aid

On the beach of Primer Montañar is the tower of surveillance Maritime, as well as a health post occupied by personnel from the Red Cross of Jávea who provide treatment or rescue services to users. This control point is located in the middle of the beach from where, every summer, the flag that signals the state of the sea flies, thus indicating to bathers if they can access the sea or not, or if they have to do so with caution.

Hammock and umbrella rental

To give comfort to the visitors of this beach, there is a section in it in which they rent sunbeds and umbrellas.


As for parking, since the pandemic began, the entire seafront of this road that runs along the Primer Montañar beach has been pedestrianized, so it is forbidden to park on the beach, but you can park the vehicle for free in the vicinity and streets that give access to the beach.

Public transportation

To access this beach, which is located on the avenue that connects the two urban centers of the town, the port and Arenal, bathers can also do it by means of the urban bus since there are two stops along the beach.

Dinners on the beach

Another peculiarity of this beach is that it is widely used by the residents of Jávea and by visitors to go to dinner. "fresh" with tables and beach chairs accompanied by a camping gas and a fridge. It is very usual to see this beach full of people having dinner with friends any day of the week to cool off from the heat and spend a pleasant evening.

Leisure and gastronomy

beach bars

Without a doubt, the beach bars are the main protagonists of the Primer Muntanyar (or Montañar) beach or Benissero beach in Jávea. These are wooden huts that are installed in early or mid-May and are removed in mid or late October if the weather permits.

The beginning of the beach bars marks the arrival of summer in Jávea and they are located in a privileged place a few meters from the seashore. It is a perfect place to have a rice with spectacular views or have a good cocktail listening to the sound of the sea. Also, the good thing is that you can directly get out of the sea and have some tapas and a beer with your swimsuit on.

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  • But in addition to the seasonal beach bars, on this beach there are also, a few meters from the sea, two entertainment venues that offer an extensive menu of food and drink and are accompanied for most of the day by music by a DJ:

    • Montgo di Bongo: beach cafe with an eclectic menu offering breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner on the seashore
    • The Siesta


    Likewise, along the Playa del Primer Muntanyar or Playa del Benissero de Jávea there are other restaurants that offer cuisine of all kinds:

    • L'Hellin Bar
    • Pepe y Estrella
    • Muntanyar Tapes
    • Monsoon thai
    • Dito beach By Twins & Co
    • Masia de la Sal
    • Saona


    Along this beach there are different urbanizations and apartment buildings, as well as hotels. Many of the homes are occupied by people who have their second home in Jávea and many others who are rented or for sale. Although more than apartments and urbanizations, on the beachfront, what predominates most are the beautiful houses and traditional villas of individuals who are lucky enough to live or spend their holidays in a privileged enclave.


    Regarding accommodation for tourists and visitors, the Playa del Primer Muntanyar or Playa del Benissero has:

    • Hotel Sol de Javea
    • Botanical Beauty Villa del Mar
    • Parador Nacional de Turismo de Jávea

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