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La Grava de Jávea beach: Characteristics, services and images

August 02 from 2021 - 00: 00

La Grava beach de Jávea is located in the urban center of the port of Jávea. In a seaside neighborhood also known as Aduanas del Mar. La Grava beach is an urban beach, located to the north of the town, which has a surface area of ​​290 meters and its occupation is usually medium.


Playa de la Grava, as its name suggests, is gravel, that is, pebbled stone, although in some small areas sand with gravel and rock predominates, which makes bathing with children ideal.

This beach is surrounded by two promenades, which over time have become one and which make this place a popular center for strolling, having a drink on the terrace of one of the bars or visiting the famous fish market. Visitors, tourists and residents themselves often frequent this area due to its location, within the same urban area, as well as its varied gastronomic offer.


La Grava beach is surrounded by a large promenade, 500 meters long, which is the meeting point for neighbors, tourists and visitors where it is pleasant to take a long walk by the sea or play sports. Throughout the entire promenade you can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and shops.

The promenade, despite extending along the beach, receives two names. The southern part, which runs from the mouth of the Gorgos river to the middle of the promenade is called Paseo Marina Española, while the section from the middle of the promenade to the fishing port is known as Paseo del Puerto, although at the end of this 2021 it will carry the name of Paseo Joaquín Sorolla in recognition of the figure and work of the painter.

Blue flag

Its waters are clear and crystalline throughout the year so it is one of the three beaches in Jávea that has the blue flag award that symbolizes the environmental quality certificate developed by the FEE since 1987 and that guarantees the optimal conditions with which their waters count.


From the beach itself you can see the bay and you can see, at the bottom of it, the Cape San Antonio and Cap Prim. In addition, from the beach you can see the two lighthouses that mark the accessibility to the port area, which is located on the left side of this urban beach.


Playa de la Grava is located at the beginning of the bay of Xàbia.


La Grava beach offers different services for bathers and tourists. It should be noted that dog bathing is not allowed on this beach.

Surveillance and first aid

During the summer season, this beach has maritime surveillance by the Red Cross lifeguards and a health post to attend to any incident.

Hammock and umbrella rental

Another service offered during the summer is the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas so that users can sunbathe without worrying about stones.

Sports and nautical activities

This beach also becomes, on a daily basis, the ideal setting for swimmers. As it is more collected, swimmers usually go to this beach for their time of swimming, training or simply enjoying their sports leisure time.


In addition, these 300 meters of beach are also chosen to hold different local sports comxicotetions such as the traditional Travesía a Nado, where La Grava beach is the goal point or the scene of different solidarity events.

As for the practice of water sports, it is a place where the wind does not bother bathers so no water sports are practiced, except paddle surfing. Also, in the vicinity of the beach is located the Nautical Club that offers different options for lovers of nautical sports.

Tourist Office

This service is located on the promenade although it also has access through the Plaza President Adolfo Suárez. The information office pays attention all year round both in the morning and in the afternoon and offers all kinds of material and information (routes, guides, maps, activities) so that the visit to Xàbia is ideal.

Cultural buildings and traditions

Parish of the Sea

Due to the location of this beach, a few meters from it, is the Church of the Virgen del Loreto, a modern building, inaugurated in 1967 and inside which you can see the roof in the shape of an inverted boat, which makes this religious building in one of the most original. The Parish, also called del Mar, is located on the site of an old little chapel built in 1914, dedicated to Nuestra Señora de Loreto.

The Church of Our Lady Virgin of Loreto is an important example of avant-garde religious architecture, the work of the architects García Ordóñez, Dexeus Beatty, Bellot Port, Herrero Cuesta and the engineer Gómez Perreta.

Casa del Cable

On the same promenade of Playa de la Grava, on the seafront, is the Cable House Exhibition Hall which offers traveling exhibitions throughout the year. This room was formerly the building that housed the telegraph station that linked the Peninsula with Ibiza by means of a submarine cable, hence its name.

Fish market

As we have indicated previously, the port of Jávea is located a few meters from La Grava Beach. A place where the sailors' boats and the Jávea fish market are located where visitors and residents of the municipality can buy fresh products from the bay throughout the year.

The traditional auction takes place from Monday to Friday and in the afternoons, the point of sale that the Fishermen's Association has in the same Lonja opens.


During the year, in this nerve center of Xàbia different events and parties are held. Specifically, the months of February, July, August and September are the ones that host different acts of their festivals.

Moors and Christians

Our Moors and Christians festivities they take place in the month of July, in honor of San Jaime. This celebration does not have a specific starting day but it does coincide in being the third weekend of this month. Practically all of its acts are carried out in the fishing district of Duanes de la Mar, being the Grava beach the scene of the Landing ceremony.

In addition, in the month of February, these typical festivals celebrate the well-known 'Mig Any' (half a year from the festivities). A celebration in which filaes they carry out two days of festivities, informally, and announce the new festive positions.

Virgin of Loreto festivities

At the end of August and the beginning of September, the Duanes de la Mar neighborhood is the center of attention with the celebration of popular festivals dedicated to its patron saint, the Virgen del Loreto and its traditional, Bous a la Mar, act accompanied by Baret dels Bous. Several of the events that comprise the party program take place on the beach of La Grava, such as the Merengà, theaters or verbena.


Along the entire promenade that borders the beach of La Grava there are numerous places and restaurants where you can taste traditional meals and typical seafood dishes.

Bars and restaurants

The seafaring tradition of the place makes it full of restaurants and bars with a diversity of cuisine but offering traditional seafood tapas, typical dishes and the area's specialty, rice dishes.



It should be noted that a large number of these shops are not located on the promenade since they are located in the center of the fishing district.

  • Xabia's Bike: bicycle shop where you will find a wide variety of bicycles, components and accessories for all ages, as well as technical service for any repair.
  • Pepa G: women's fashion store where you will find a wide variety of the latest trends. Pepa G works with different fashion brands including international fashion clothing and renowned brands.
  • Teo awnings: offers all kinds of systems and latest trends in the protection of your home.
  • Miraltall
  • Borja
  • Opticalia
  • Hop Ale
  • Marvimundo
  • Springfield
  • Castle
  • Priscilla Welter

Real estate

Cocktail bar

In front of the beach or in any of the pedestrian terraces offered by each of the premises of the port of Xàbia you can enjoy a drink or cocktail.

  • La Esquina
  • As it is
  • Duplex

Water activities

Another way to enjoy the sea and its seabed is by doing endless water activities such as diving, snorkel, navigation, etc., through the companies that are on the same beach.

  • Diving Puerto Javea
  • Club Náutico Jávea
  • Hotels and hostels

    You can also find accommodation establishments on the beachfront or a few meters:

    • Hotel Miramar
    • hotel Jávea
    • hotel Costamar
    • Nomad Hotel
    • The Favorite Hostel
    • Tourist accommodation houses


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