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Ciudadanos por Jávea presents its 1 number and list of candidates for the municipal elections

23 2019 April - 13: 41

Citizens for Jávea has announced the name of the 24 people who make up the list of candidates for the municipal elections to be held next 26 in May.

Juan Ortolà repeats as head of the list, accompanied by Susana Ern at number two and third, by Abel Moll. As they have stated, in a statement, from Ciudadanos por Jávea, "This is a list with people very involved in the daily life of Xàbia and concerned about the future of our municipality, belonging to different areas of social life and various professional profiles to try to bring together the maximum sensitivities."

Ortolà has indicated that the list "It combines experience, keeping people closely linked to the Citizens by Jávea project since its inception, with renewal and youth, incorporating new faces into the team."

Candidate list

1-. Juan Bta. Ortolá Bas
2-. Susana Ern Almudi
3-. Abel José Moll Julia
4-. César Rodríguez Macho
5-. Vicenta María Pérez Font
6-. José Antonio Prada Figueira
7-. Esther Tormos Pons
8-. Juan Garreta Mata
9-. Adriana Patricia Jiménez Londoño
10-. Jaime Escudero Foronda
11-. María Ángeles Caballero Mata
12-. Vicente Soler Roselló
13-. Guillermo Bolufer Bas
14-. Josefa Martí Boronat
15-. Francisco Javier Valles Ramis
16-. Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez
17-. María del Carmen Rivas Sánchez
18-. David Cordero Borja
19-. Pedro Rafael Prats Junquera
20-. María Gema Piedehierro Guerrero
21-. Andrés Martínez Valenzuela
22-. Josefa Martí Ribes
23-. José Garrido Rubio
24-. Aurora Ferrer Ribes

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