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New political scuffle in Xàbia: PSOE and the government team face emergency actions

04 September 2023 - 09: 35

The Xàbia Socialist Party issued a statement in which it accused the Xàbia government team (PP, Vox and CpJ) of lying to the population to hide their lack of foresight.

Communiqué from the PSOE

The Xàbia government team (PP, Vox and CpJ) has once again demonstrated its lack of seriousness and ethics, this time when facing a meteorological emergency. Despite the fact that since the beginning of the week all official channels (such as Aemet) have warned of the arrival of a potentially very dangerous DANA, the Town hall de
Xàbia has been until Saturday without reacting and without updating the Local Emergency Operational Coordination Center (CECOPAL) in which possible risks are evaluated and the means available to respond are reviewed.

As we have been able to verify from the PSOE, after almost three months in government, until Saturday morning they had not even updated the telephone numbers of the members (mayor, councilors for Services, Emergency Prevention and representatives of the Local Police, Firefighters, Guard Civil, Civil Protection, Balcón al Mar Volunteers, Red Cross, municipal technicians and Amjasaas well as a local weather expert).

But the most serious thing is that, as we have also verified, they have lied to the population by announcing through all the official municipal information channels that the mayoress has brought this group together to analyze the notices when it is totally false, as has also made them ugly. publicly one of these "supposed attendees" at the meeting and who has claimed to have found out from third parties.

What's more, the mayoress was not even in Xàbia, but in Dénia watching the start of the Cycling Tour. If they are capable of lying openly in an emergency situation and danger to the population, involving several people who can easily deny them, what will they not do? It shows who we are governed by.”

Response from the government team: PP, CpJ and VOX

The Xàbia Government Team regrets that the local PSOE is dedicated to making "haters" politics, especially with the management of emergencies. The local government and municipal technicians have been pending all week
of the evolution of the meteorological reports and the warnings issued by the Emergency Coordination Center (CCE) dependent on the Generalitat.

Yesterday Saturday, indeed, the mayoress, Rosa Cardona, went in the morning to the start of the Vuelta España in Dénia, where he went on behalf of all the xabieros and xabieras to give their support and encouragement to Juan Ayuso, a local cyclist from the UAE.

Despite being at that event, the mayoress was permanently informed by the Local Police and the Councilor for Citizen Protection and Emergencies, Juan Ortolá, of the preparatory work to address the situation of special notices and alerts.

Subsequently, and after confirming by the Emergency Coordination Center that an orange alert was activated in the province of Alicante, the mayoress at 12:47 p.m. called through the group that has already existed for years to all the members of the Cecopal, informing them of the state of alert while urging them to be located and available for the necessary meetings and those that the technical services and the presidency consider so, as established in the Municipal Action Plan in case of floods.

At 14:45 p.m., the mayoress held a meeting with Ortolá himself and the Mayor-Chief of the Police in which they updated the preparations and took preventive measures, on a day in which the programming of the Festivities in Honor of the Mare de Déu de Loreto represented a massive presence of people, as well as the intentions of the partygoers.

In this way, in accordance with the Mare de Déu de Loreto Festivities Commission and assessing the special notices activated, it was decided to cancel the correfoc originally scheduled for last night, as well as the mobile disco. While the parade of floats was valued to continue but with a shorter route.

Finally, the Government of Xàbia has explained that in the management of the previous, during and post emergency, they will always be there and we will respect what the municipal technical staff indicates and reports and compliance with the
calls indicated by the municipal flood prevention plan.

That is why we do not understand that the Socialist Party does politics with these things and instead of calling the mayor or the councilor for Citizen Protection and Emergencies and making themselves available, it dedicates itself to playing a "hater" on social networks.

  1. barts people says:

    We deserve a Mayor who does not lie to us, who tells the truth, at least!!

  2. Juan says:

    How green are these new ones! Don't let anything happen to us!

  3. Laura says:

    Those of the PSOE are very sad, for years they dedicated themselves to not working and now they are dedicated to making a fool of themselves with their communiqués.

  4. Into the sea says:

    Well, the mayoress also likes the photos hahaha another dog with a different collar

  5. Mario Xabio says:

    Let's see if you find out: you can't lie just like that! Are you also going to blame Chulvi for the mayoress's lies?
    That would only be missing. They deny it on her own wall, they remove her shame and there are still people who do not recognize it. In short… it is what the human species has….

  6. Citizen says:

    Please, Chulvi and team, enough of discrediting your own party.

  7. Assumption says:

    Ridiculous spectacle.
    After 12 years of unreason, they have no authority, absolutely none, to lecture anyone.
    Too embarrassing.
    It is understandable that they do not realize the shame of others that they cause; their incompetence prevents them from accepting their reality.
    Such ridiculousness is regrettable.

    • Juan says:

      Let's see, let's not be fools, here goes all God for the 4000 bucks a month plus the extra of the plenary sessions, whatever comes first, another thing is the political style of each one in order to justify themselves.

      • Lauren says:

        Allowing everyone the size of the BALL, distributing small payments and grateful families, four years and continue collecting.
        It makes you want to vomit quite a bit, yes.