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Citizens for Jávea appoints its Board of Directors and re-elected Andrés Martínez as president

14 March 2019 - 07: 06

Citizens for Jávea held its General Assembly in which, unanimously, Andrés Martínez was re-elected as president of the formation and the Board of Directors of the party was formed, consisting of Carlos Mata as Vice President 1º and Adriana Jiménez as Vice President 2º. Likewise, Fini Martí has ​​been elected as Secretary
of the party and César Rodríguez as Treasurer. Among the elected members are José A. Prada, Jaime Escudero, Francisco Vallés, Guillermo Bolufer and Antonio Rodríguez.

Martínez thanked the affiliates of Ciudadanos for Jávea for the trust placed in him and encouraged them to continue working for and for Jávea.

New purposes of CpJ

For its part, Juan Ortolá, as current party spokesperson, invited attendees "to transmit to the Javienses the enthusiasm of our group, in making Javea a town with more investments and greater quality in public services".

"Xàbia needs a government capable of managing and creating wealth. Reducing debt without investing is bad management. Our challenge will be to invest and lower taxes. And that is feasible ", according to Ortolà.

The new board of directors will be responsible for making the list of candidates for the upcoming municipal elections convened for the month of May, which must be endorsed by the General Assembly of the party.

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