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The XXIII edition of Living Chess shone on Saturday night before a thousand people

29 July 2019 - 10: 52

The theatrical performance of the XXIII edition of the Living Chess of Xàbia held last Saturday July 27 shone on its own with the play A family of musicians, quatre monstres i a putxero (A family of musicians, four monsters and a pot) before about a thousand people.

The work, written and directed by Raquel Violero (has its own company, La Col·lectiva Imaginària) and Héctor Cruañes (part of the Assaig group) was a success with the participation of more than a hundred people among musicians, singers, dancers and figurants, in addition to the school 32 who played the role of pieces of the game. The Xàbia Symphony Orchestra also participated under the baton of Joan Bou, members of the Teatre Jove de Xàbia Workshop and the Salomé Rodríguez Dance Studio, which was run by the choreography.

In the preamble, the president of the Comisió de Festes Mare de Déu de Loreto, Vicente Gavilà, as organizer of the event, delivered a plaque commemorating the boy Pau Nieto Bou, classified in the Fogueres Chess Tournament of Sant Joan, who directed the black pieces; and the mayor José Chulvi He did the same with the pianist from Xàbia, Marta Espinós, guest of Honor of this edition, presenting her with a sculpture donated by the renowned Xàbia sculptor, Tony Mari.

The function, which captured the public from the first moment, was spectacular when joining, in the peculiar scenario of the chess board, which provides four viewing angles to the viewer, the theater, live symphonic music, songs and dance, and all this accompanied by a lighting and special effects that brought great showiness to the work.

The work stood out for the good performance of the small actors and actresses as well as that of the narrators, Iris Cholbi Crisóstomo and Bartolomé Bas, 'Aspirin'.


The plot of the work goes through that the main character has an argument with his family because he wants to devote himself to music, the protagonist, Joanet, just twelve years old, visits heaven to teach us all a valuable lesson about memory and forgiveness In this way, full of both tender moments and absurd comedy, the enigmatic characters are known as his great-grandmother, famous as all grandmothers for their meals; an angel in practices a little clueless, who with his humor invites to live life; four forgotten monsters of the Valencian rondallas or even more rocambolescos as a pop diva addicted to the smoothies which makes us reflect on the meaning of art.

It was a plot that oscillated between reality and fantasy trying to recover our forgotten traditions and make us reflect on the values ​​of our culture.

The participation of Marta Espinós was a privilege for Living Chess, as she joins the outstanding cast of prominent personalities (including three Prince of Asturias awards) who have participated in this initiative, being the first musician. Remember that, despite his youth, he has achieved accredited prestige in the international art scene: he has performed in the best rooms and auditoriums in the world and a month ago he closed with a dazzling recital the exhibition of Joaquin Sorolla that has been held in the National Gallery of London since last March, when it was opened by Queen Letizia and Prince Charles of England.

The general coordination of the event was carried out by José Erades, a member of the organizing committee; Rafael Andarias Esteuan, director of Living Chess; and the president of the Party Commission.

In addition, the collaboration of the 30 members of the organizing committee and collaborators who make it possible for this event to take place year after year through their work in the most diverse areas: decoration of the venue and the platform of the players is appreciated , layout and printing of the program, artist author of the poster
announcer, panel assembly, surveillance and security, scene aids, public address and lighting, photography and recording of the performance, costumes, makeup and props.

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