The Hospital of Dénia hosts a day of poetry

The Hospital of Dénia has hosted a different morning where poetry has been the protagonist. With a show by the singer Rubén Suárez, who has musicized the poems of Dolors Pellicer, poet of Pego.

The activity has been organized by the Hospital Classroom with the participation of the hospitalized students and the CEIP of La Xara, and sponsored by the Municipal Library of Dénia.

As the poetic language stimulates the imagination, it facilitates the expression of feelings and experiences, the children have been working this project for the past few months. They have done it through reading, orality and writing, as fun activities, playing with the rhythm of words.

With this show the Grup Rodamons has offered the opportunity to continue enjoying poetry, playing, dancing and singing with rhymes and verses in a fun and participative way. Finally, they have built a mural in the form of a tree with the poems worked.

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Comments on "The Hospital of Dénia hosts a day of poetry"

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  1. Pepe Coloma:

    Spreading cultural activities is very important but, when I go to a medical center, hospital or ambulatory, I do not want "poetry" I want the best possible medical care, I'm worried about my health and I do not have time to see whose works are exposed the walls ... first meet the main objective of a hospital, health care, then activities. Thank you.



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