Jávea Town Hall

Jávea Town Hall is located in Church Square of the town, directly opposite the side entrance of the Church of St. Bartholomew. The building was originally the Ermita de San Cristobal (XVII century) built on an ancient Christian necropolis, the fossar of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. This same enclave has had several uses throughout its history, as Ermita de San Cristobal, as a public school and even 1890 as a chapel of the Virgin of the Helpless.

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On the ground floor is the tourist office, where you can see the glass floor under which the ancient tombs of Xàbia are. On the back were the porxens with five arches, which made up an open market in which the market was held. The only thing left open connects the Plaza de la Iglesia and Plaza de Abajo (Baix). City Hall facade is neoclassical.

democratic mayors

Since the democratic elections the municipality has had five mayors.

  • 1979-1983: Enrique Bas Espinós (PSPV-PSOE)
  • 1983-1987: Enrique Bas Espinós (PSPV-PSOE)
  • 1987-1991: Enrique Bas Espinós (PSPV-PSOE)
  • 1991-1995: Juan Bautista Moragues Pons (PP)
  • 1995-1999: Juan Bautista Moragues Pons (PP)
  • 1999-2003: Julian Edward Monfort Bolufer (CDS-UC) and Jaime Sapena Gual (PP)
  • 2003-2007: Juan Bautista Moragues Pons (PP) and Eduardo Julian Bolufer Monfort (Bloc)
  • 2007-2011: Julian Edward Monfort Bolufer (Valencian Nationalist Bloc)
  • 2011-: José Chulvi Spanish (PSPV-PSOE)

Currently governs the Socialist mayor José Chulvi in majority, with 11 councilors in the government team.

Councilors in this term

  • Isabel Bolufer: Urbanism and Urban Scene, Integral Water Cycle
  • Quico Moragues: Culture
  • Rita Berruti: Social Services, Health and urban core of Arenal.
  • Ximo Segarra: Finance and Contracting, New Technologies and Historical Center.
  • Kika Mata: Services, Works, Beaches, Environment and Residents.
  • Alberto Tur: Sports and Thiviers neighborhood.
  • Montse Villaverde: Education, Equality, Childhood and Youth, Participation and Freginal neighborhood.
  • Toni Miragall: Tourism, Festivities and Heritage.
  • Marta Bañuls: Development, Market, Agriculture, Fishing and the Duanes neighborhood.
  • Pepa Gisbert: Citizen Security, Sustainable Mobility, Human Resources and Urbanizations.

Schedules and telephone numbers Town Hall of Javea

The main building of the Town Hall of Javea, where he is mayor, is the one that is located in the Plaza de la Iglesia, 4. In the same vein it is also the department Secretariat, Procurement, Property and Personal. The economic area (Intervention Treasury Collection, Rendas), is located on the main street 15. Area Environment and Services and Registrar General, Statistics and population are located at Avenida Amanecer, 2. The department works and infrastructure projects city is located in Carrer d'Avall, 39. All necessary information is well detailed on the website of the City of Jávea www.ajxabia.com. The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 09: 00 14 to: 00 h. and the phone is the 965790500.


Since the City Council website is accessed the virtual office of the municipality where you can perform various procedures on line. There is also access to windows where you get interest as public jobs.

The population census

To register as a resident instead must appear in person with relevant documentation on the Office of Citizen Services located at Avenida Amanecer 2, located just minutes from the Old Town.

Information about catrastral

If you are looking for information on the land it is best to go to the point of Cadastral Information (PIC) from City Hall. The counter is installed on the ground floor of City Hall Economic Area, on Main Street, 15. There you can ask questions related to immovable property tax (IBI)

Jávea is a tourist town of Valencia which is located on the north coast of the province of Alicante, in the Marina Alta region. The municipality is also known as Xàbia, its name in Valencian, the official language. According to INE data in 2012 32.983 its population was inhabitants, of whom more than half were foreign residents.

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  1. Juan cl hill:

    Hello, can you report the status of the tiger mosquito pest and other species? Especially if they have activated some decontamination protocol, I am especially interested in the area of ​​the cape (streets of musicians)

  2. Fatima:

    It seems a shame to me that they are taking the works of the sidewalks of the second mountain, although it does not surprise me because last Monday there was only one worker and he was not more than half an hour working. So the work can last for years, but there is no right that they have not foreseen that summer will come over us and it will be chaotic for those of us who have a house in that area because they have put it in a single direction and full of fences. It is outrageous!

    • Erika:

      Totally agree with you!
      As it is also outrageous that the bus has to make an absurd detour, by not being able to circulate on that street more than in one direction. And the bus schedule continues, over the years, to be absurd; in full festivities of San Juan continues to circulate every hour, apparently the "winter" in Jávea lasts until the June 26!

  3. Javier:

    It is not understood that the people who come to enjoy the tranquility of Javea, we have to suffer from not being able to sleep for 2 nights. It is not possible to put the festival in a non-residential area. It's common sense. A respect for others.

  4. Jose sánchez:

    Do not have vostes website in Llengua Valenciana ?. Legally and according to the noun Statute, the two official crowds in the Comunitat are Valencia and Castella. Catalá does not appear in the nostre Estatut i no tinc problem in which appears, at the coast of atres llengues alienes, but not in the lloc Of the Valenian Llengua,


    We have a summer house. We love Javea, but taking care of the beach of «El Arenal», one of the main complaints of holidaymakers, does not have the proper care. The cleaning of garbage and algae should be a priority. As enthusiasts of this area we miss this work, which we consider essential. Thank you

  6. Adolfo Reguera Blanco:

    I have to say that yesterday at the party of the House of Andalusia I was very disappointed to see that to go to the service, we had to go to the nearest tree to make the necessities. "As the man who was in charge of serving food told me as a drink. It seems to me that the villagers deserve something more than having to urinate on the public road because there is no other remedy "something deplorable". So I think that if only for dignity, there should be "minimal services". a neighbor greets you, if only interest is to get things done right.


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