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Social Services of Jávea: address, telephone number and procedures

01 December 2022 - 11: 44
C / Rafael Echagüe, 3 See map
96 579 41 42
Public services

Social Services depends on the Department of Equality of the Javea Town Hall. In the building where these offices are located, different services are provided and benefits are attended to.

Next you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with.


  • Psychological and legal support.
  • Services for the elderly are processed.
  • It works for the prevention of addictions.
  • Consultations on immigration (PANGEA), equality, family, childhood and housing (PROHA) are attended.
  • TAPIS workshops are managed (Occupational Workshop for Malalts Mentals, Occupational Workshop for the Mentally Ill).
  • Civic Punt.

Minors: Family and Childhood Team

The Department of Family and Childhood works with children, adolescents and with the families responsible for all of them. The team is made up of four professionals who prepare different intervention programs for each of the groups such as:

  • Family Intervention Program: aimed at families with minors in their care, who are in a situation of social risk. They work in coordination with the different areas that surround families (school, health, leisure, etc).
  • Community Support Team Program: aimed at adolescents who present any type of discomfort and/or behavioral problem. Linked to this intervention, they also work with their closest environment such as the family, the IES and other resources of the community in general.


For the elderly, care is offered on:

  • Dependency or disability.
  • Home help.
  • Telecare or social emergency.
  • Radar program.
  • Day Center.
  • Mend home.
  • Impressed.
  • Mayor's Card.

Punt Cívic

The Cívic Punt is a space, launched in 2013 from Social Services, with the aim of providing comprehensive care and community revitalization in the Arenal neighborhood. Through this service, various activities and services are carried out, aimed especially at the population residing in this area, although they are also open to the general population.

The project is focused on the following objectives:

  • Revitalize the Arenal neighborhood.
  • Decentralize municipal activity and bring it closer to the neighborhood.
  • Improve the urban, social and cultural reality.
  • Improve the quality of life of the different groups that inhabit the area.
  • Promote the participation and cohesion of the different social agents.

For more information you can check at this link.

Drug addiction

It is the Community Prevention Unit in Addictive Behaviors (UPCCA) of Xàbia. It is a public and free service, dependent on the Municipal Social Services, accredited and subsidized by the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health. Its purpose is the prevention of addictive behaviors, reducing or avoiding the use and/or abuse of drugs and the risks associated with their consumption.


This is the Municipal Inclusion Plan for Migrants. The purpose of this Plan is to achieve full inclusion based on equality and non-discrimination, the recognition of diversity and its contributions, promote interaction and intercultural coexistence and recognize the equal rights that immigrants must be granted.


It is the Municipal Housing Service. An initiative of the City Council of Xàbia faced with the problem of finding a home, at the same time decent and affordable. The department works both with people who own a flat to rent and with all those who are looking for it.


In addition, this department also provides:

  • Dependency or disability help.
  • Rent help.
  • Home help.
  • Telecare or social emergency.
  • Care for victims of gender violence.


C / Rafael Echagüe, 3 -
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