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28M: the electoral colleges open their doors to decide who will govern the next four years in Xàbia and the Community

May 28 from 2023 - 08: 59

The polling stations open their doors and thus begins the electoral day of this 28M. All the staff: presidents and members are at their tables to carry out the votes that will decide the future of the next four years of Xàbia and the Valencian Community. Today, more than 15.000 residents are called to vote to decide the government of the next legislature.

And it is that, citizens will have to deposit two envelopes, that is, two ballots. One, the white one, which corresponds to whoever represents the municipality, and the salmon color, in the Generalitat Valenciana, to the entire Community.

In Xàbia there are a total of 25 polling stations throughout the municipal area, one more than in previous years. The hours in which citizens can go to their assigned polling station to cast their vote will be from 09:00 to 20:00. As of this time, the polling stations will be closed and the votes will be deposited by mail and then the scrutiny will begin.

En Xàbia.com We will keep you informed of everything that is happening on this day. And, from 20:00 p.m., when the scrutiny begins, we will give you the minute by minute results. You can follow the direct of the elections in this link: Direct 28M

  1. Pep says:

    Go back to the cave, Neanderthal.

  2. Chungui We Hate You says:

    Day to measure how many naive and plugged in Jávea has in the form of voters for Chulvi. It should be the end of her.

    And unfortunately the opposition does not seem to have much, but change is urgent. That some work begins to come out, that this amount of shit ends on all sides and this neglect that Jávea does not deserve.

    Chulvi, more than ever: GO HOME.