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ūüĒī LIVE 28M | Municipal elections of X√†bia 2023: The PSOE is the most voted force

May 28 from 2023 - 23: 35

This 28M, a new appointment is called at the polls to decide which party will govern in Xàbia for the next four years. The vote of the citizens will be the one that determines who will hold the mayoralty and which of the promises announced these days will be carried out.

The new composition of Town hall is one step away We tell you live, minute by minute, how the election day progresses and the scrutiny until the final results are known.

Last minute 28M in Xàbia

23:33 | 100% scrutinized: PSOE obtains nine councilors

With 100% counted, the PSOE obtained the best result, beating the PP by 34 votes. A very close result, with 3.054 votes for PSOE and 3.020 for the PP, leaving the victory for the team of José Chulvi, but without an absolute majority as it had up to now. With regard to the next government, the PSOE must have an agreement with another political force. The Socialist Party is missing two councilors to add the majority.

On the other hand, the PP, has obtained eight councilors, remaining a few votes away from also having nine. To govern, likewise, he needs the support of other parties.

It seems that the key to the government is held by the independent party, Ciudadanos por J√°vea.

22:15 | The PSOE gets the majority of the votes but not the absolute majority

With 91,81% of the scrutiny, the Socialist Party of Xàbia, with José Chulvi At the head, it has been the political force that has obtained the most votes in the local elections of 2023. With a total of 2.797, 9 councilors correspond to it. With this data, he does not obtain the absolute majority as he currently had.

In second place is the Popular Party. Rosa Cardona and his team have obtained 2.764 votes, which positions them with 8 councilors, 3 more than in 2019.

For its part, Citizens for Jávea, with Mavi Pérez as number 1 on the list, he maintains the two councilors with 873 votes.

In the case of Compromís per Xàbia loses a councilor, of the two he had, so he has 1 representation, Carme Català, with 555 votes obtained.

VOX J√°vea, the new political force that has participated in the municipal elections this 2023 with Jose Marcos Pons as a candidate he would become part of the municipal corporation with a councilor having obtained 614 votes.

21:55 | Tie of councilors between PSOE and PP

With 70,98% of the votes counted, there is no absolute majority in Xàbia. Partido Popular and Partido Socialista present a tie in the number of councilors; specifically in 8. The rest is distributed with 2 for CpJ, 2 for VOX and 1 for Compromís.

21:45 | Provisional results with 60% scrutinized

21:40 | Provisional results with 48% scrutinized

With almost 50% counted, the PSOE has 1.573 votes (36,45%), the PP 1.418 votes, which represents 32,86%, CpJ a total of 486 votes (11,26%), VOX 336 votes ( 7,78%), Compromís 279 votes (6,46%) and Podem (which at the moment would not have representation in the City Council) has 171 votes (3,96%).

21:27 | Data with 28,70% scrutinized

With almost 30% of the votes counted, the PSOE continue with 9 councilorsplatforms, People's Party (PP) 8 (which would raise 3 of the ones you currently have), Citizens by J√°vea (CpJ) would have 2, VOX 1 and Commitment 1.

21:15 | First scrutiny data

The first data of the municipal votes are already known with 7,49% of the scrutiny. At the moment, the 21 councilors are divided into 9 PSOE, 8 PP, 2 Citizens for J√°vea and 2 VOX.

20:00 | Polling stations close their doors

As planned, the schools have closed their doors at 20:00 p.m. Now the votes by mail will be entered into the polls and after that, the scrutiny will proceed. Follow the data minute by minute in Xàbia.com

18:08 | More than half of the voting population in Xàbia has exercised their right to vote

The second advance on the participation rate in the local and regional elections of 2023 in Xàbia marks a participation of more than 50%. Specifically, according to the data provided by the Ministry of the Interior, up to 18:00 p.m., 51,09% of the electoral census had gone to the polls, which is 6,43% more than in the 2019 elections to the same hour.

The total number of citizens who have voted is already 7.487. Even so, the xabieros have until 20:00 p.m. to go to their polling station to cast their vote.

14:10 | Participation increases compared to 2019

The participation data with respect to the 2019 elections at the same time (14:00 p.m.) are higher. Xàbia registers 38,64% of votes at noon. Almost 6 points more than in the previous elections when the rate was 32,80%.

12:00 | All the candidates for mayor of Xàbia have deposited their vote

Since early in the morning, the six candidates for mayor of Xàbia have been in different polling stations. During the day, the mayors have approached their corresponding tables to deposit their vote.

09:00 | Polling stations open

The polling stations open their doors and thus begins the electoral day of this 28M. All the staff: presidents and members are at their tables to carry out the votes that will decide the future of the next four years of Xàbia and the Valencian Community.

And it is that, citizens will have to deposit two envelopes, that is, two ballots. One, the white one, which corresponds to whoever represents the municipality, and the salmon color, in the Generalitat Valenciana, to the entire Community.

In Xàbia, election day has started without incident. More than 15.000 residents are called to vote to decide the government of the next legislature. A total of 25 polling stations have been installed throughout the municipal area, one more than in previous years.

The hours in which citizens can go to their assigned polling station to cast their vote will be from 09:00 to 20:00. As of this time, the polling stations will be closed and the votes will be deposited by mail and then the scrutiny will begin.

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