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Xàbia sneaks into the list of the most beautiful towns, according to 'National Geographic'

November 26 from 2022 - 06: 22

The prestigious magazine specialized in geography and nature in the world, 'National Geographic' has published a list of the most beautiful municipalities in the province of Alicante. The magazine has chosen only five, and among them is Xàbia, the only one also chosen from the entire Marina Alta.

The coast, its coves and its gastronomy, in addition to its monuments, have been the factors that have led Xàbia to be among the five best towns in Alicante according to this publication.

Specifically, Xàbia, is the town that occupies the first place on this list. The magazine highlights the Cape San Antonio, Cala Portitxol, Cala Blanca and the historic center with the Church-Fortress of San Bartolomé, the Archeology and Ethnography Soler Blasco and the Food Market.

Secondly, the publication of this specialized magazine mentions the port area, and recommends visiting its bars and restaurants to enjoy the local gastronomy.

  1. Manuel Andres says:

    «Xàbia sneaks into the list of the most beautiful towns, according to 'National Geographic»
    Sounds like good news to me. Now to work to continue improving and not leaving the list.

  2. DR says:

    Amazing there is not even a link to the National Geographic article….

  3. Maria A. says:

    I think the same, everything I have read in the other opinions is true and with good reason, this magazine has not looked well, everything could be much better but every day it goes backwards, I have been living for 11 years and every day worse, I don't know does nothing to improve.

  4. F.Torres says:

    If not built!? It would correctly go back to the 50s and in this world. You have to go forward, never backward. Paseo del montañar should have been done 20 years ago. Any coastal town has its promenade and we have an abandoned scree. I'm ashamed

  5. Regina says:

    The cost of San Antonio is a shame, with the Ibi that we pay there is no electricity or cleaning or sewerage it is a pity

  6. Joseph says:

    Javea needs to recover first mountains

  7. Mario says:

    Jávea needs infrastructures according to the status that you want to give it:
    Double lane Jávea-Gata highway to the N332,
    Municipal public swimming pool
    Municipal Auditorium etc.
    In the year 2023 let's vote for what suits us best.

  8. Alfred says:

    Javea is beautiful but it could be much better with another mayor and other urban legislation
    Down with the 3 Benidorm-type apartment towers and we should also do urban cleaning in the Arenal
    If you vote for me, I am not a politician, I leave Javea as a paradise

  9. gabriel fonseca says:

    If Chulvi lived here, there would be a traffic light, and cops in a helicopter in case someone jumps it.

    Yes, that's how you got the neighbors to see you Chulvi, that's what you've got, just that.

    Just that.

  10. neighbor says:

    Come now!!
    That will be many years ago!!
    I don't believe anything, I live here all year and this is a very fat shit.
    Total lie.

  11. Ignacio says:

    National Geographic: Tourist vision for a 5-day vacation, then perfect. That they come to live and give their assessment again based on a real life experience and not on a relaxing tourist dream at sunset and while drinking "a few glasses of wine".

  12. Juan says:

    The magazine should be sued for lying; Will the promoters have spread it?

  13. nerea says:

    It slips miraculously.

    Exciting is the shit that surrounds the Municipality, in the Sea, in the Field and in the streets.

    There is CIEGA magazine, or they have pulled from the newspaper library, photos from years ago, they have not set foot in Jávea for years, many years.

  14. Miquel says:

    What National Geographic does not know is the corruption behind the destruction of mountains and cliffs to place a mass of square cement.
    Jávea would be more beautiful if the cliffs were free of cement.
    Jávea would be a true paradise if the construction law and building permits were zero.
    National Geographic paid for by someone should show both sides.