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Cala Blanca or La Caleta Jávea: its characteristics and services

03 July 2020 - 00: 00

Cala Blanca o La Caleta is located right at the end of Playa del Segon Muntanyar in Jávea. It is made up of two adjoining coves that communicate through a stone coastline. Cala Blanca is a semi-urban cove composed of mostly gravel and rock.

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Characteristics of the cove

This small cove, since the first cove is 80 meters long and the second is barely 40 meters long, is the favorite corner of many visitors and residents of Xàbia, so both have a medium occupancy level. Its name, Cala Blanca, derives from the whitish color of the rocks of its cliffs. From it you have good views of the Montgó.

Cala Blanca or La Caleta in Jávea

Cove I

La Cove I, is a rustic cove of gravel and rock located at the end of Avenida Ultramar (Segundo Montañar) and is accessible by car, since the last section is made by a small promenade of about 100 meters. From this first cove you can access the viewpoint of Cala Blanca.

Cove II

La Cove II, is a rustic cove of gravel, pebbles and rock. It is characterized by its rough stone arm that goes out to the sea as a barrier, so its waters are usually calm and crystal clear. Its access is on foot from Caleta I. It can also be accessed from the Les Caletes Viewpoint, down some stairs.

The main feature between the two Caletas is the rock that separates them but at the same time unites them and is where access is provided on foot. The rock hole is one of many attractions of this marine corner.

From Caleta II there is access, on foot, to the French coveAlthough it is an independent cove, with its specific history, many visitors integrate it within this same cove.


In this cove you can practice the snorkelIn addition, many individuals carry their canoes to start their route from Cala Blanca. To practice other types of water sports such as surfing, windsurfing or paddle surfing, it is best to travel to the First beach Muntanyar or the Arenal Beach where also no rental canoes, kayaks or scooters.

It is also one of the favorite coves of those who go sailing with a pleasure craft. Its calm and crystal clear waters make it the perfect place to spend the day.


The state of the sea is indicated in Cala Blanca by a flag. It offers a parking service that is located about 100 meters from the cove, which is then accessed on foot along a promenade that we have discussed. You can also get to La Caleta with public transport since there is a bus stop near the parking.

About 200 meters from the beach there is a restaurant-beach bar called La Caleta in which there is also a saltwater pool. To find another type of service such as other restaurants or shops, users must go to the nearest beach, which in this case is the Arenal beach in Jávea.

As in much of the coves and beaches of the municipality a good footwear is essential to walk on it and access to the sea. Users, for convenience, go to the beach with mats, sunbeds for sunbathing in comfort. The cove has no maritime surveillance service or rescue.

Cala Blanca gets its name from the rock cliffs and composing Creek


The specific address of this cove is Paseo de L'Escala Ampuries or an extension of Avenida Ultramar. Near this cove are the Golden Life apartments or Ultramar 98 apartments. These are the apartments that are closest to Cala Blanca in Jávea. However, not many more meters away we find all the apartments that are in the Segundo Montañar beach.

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