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Xàbia studies possible solutions to the flooding of the Arenal

November 20 from 2020 - 17: 40

El Javea Town Hall, in coordination with the municipal water company -Amjasa-, continues to evaluate the possible solutions to the problem of flooding suffered by the Arenal.

In this sense, today a technical meeting was held with the Professor of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona, ​​Manuel Gómez Valentín -reputed engineer specialized in hydrological engineering- to explain the problems of this area, the means of rain evacuation that are operational and the different alternatives that are being studied at the municipal level.

The expert engineer in urban hydrology has been able to know the conditioning factors of the Xàbia problem and has promised to study the case and thus advise the municipality which is the best way.

In Arenal, several circumstances coincide that cause its flooding when heavy rains are recorded: it is at a low elevation, it collects runoff from the ravines in the south of the municipality, it has less and less permeable land and a high density of construction that makes it difficult to install new pumping systems. In addition, its tourist nature forces us to renounce solutions that imply a visual impact on the beach.

The meeting was also attended by the mayor, José Chulvi, the councilor for Urbanism, Isabel Bolufer and the professor of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Enrique Cabrera Marcet, also specialized in hydraulic engineering.

  1. Luis Boville says:

    The fault is always of the others, they seem children… Never of these individuals, who are in the City council…. Are we really interested in those of us who always suffer from the same flooded parts of Jávea? …. I refer to the facts . Let's see if they do it at once
    Have a good day

  2. Lorenzo says:

    All this could have been done on June 12, 2011, one day after taking office as Mayor.

    Chulvi, can you explain to all of us why you have waited almost 10 years?

    Please tell us why?

    But do it now, not 10 years from now.

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