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José Chulvi: «Our objective was to win the elections and we have achieved it. Now it's time to work on a new cycle »

May 29 from 2023 - 13: 35

Once the elections are over, the results are evaluated. The Socialist Party of Xàbia has been the force with the most votes in the town, obtaining 3.054 votes, 34 votes above the Popular Party, but this data does not give it the priority of governing.

The Socialists have achieved nine councilors out of 21, so they do not have an absolute majority as they did in previous legislatures. The candidate, José ChulviHe attributes the decline of the two councilors, "to the fact that we have been in government for 12 years. They have been three intense legislatures and with many difficulties, so this is one of the possibilities."

Despite obtaining less support, Chulvi stated that he was happy with the results, "our objective was to win the elections and we have achieved it." Given the intention of the pact, the socialist number 1 noted that "indeed we have 9 councilors and that means that we have to try to govern because it is our obligation, we are not going to give up that obligation and responsibility that we have. Let's see how these 15 days go ".

The number one of the socialists of Xàbia added that "this is the fourth consecutive victory that the PSOE of Xàbia has with me leading the candidacy, we are happy and we face the future with the dynamics of trying to govern. Now it is time to start working on a new cycle of four years, where luckily we have a great team that is very united and the PSOE is stronger than ever. We are going to try to recover the confidence of the people who have lost it".

José Chulvi He thanked his entire team for the work they have done "and thanks to this they have given us victory, and of course all the people who have worked for the proper functioning of election day, and I want to congratulate the rest of the candidacies that have obtained representation in it Town hall".

  1. Germán says:

    More than half of Jávea has said CHULVI NO.
    But there is the ex-waiter smiling, as if it were not with him.

  2. plank says:

    What Town!
    hard masochism.

  3. Francisco says:

    We are still waiting for this wonderful pamphlet to interview Vox, which has won a seat, really being one of the surprises.

  4. Luis says:

    They have voted for him again that things….

  5. natxo says:

    20 years as a councilor, 12 as mayor, what would you say, Chulvi, if he were an altre: that power corrupts, right?

  6. M. Vidal says:

    Chulvi to unload trucks like before. Ja estem farts of so much false smile.

  7. Citizen of Javea. says:

    They celebrate it, as long as they win. Fake smiles, but willing to do EVERYTHING for the Salary, and now more than before.
    Mavi, now we want to see you. You had promised change. We will see your authentic face, power in the present or coherence for the future.

  8. Miquel says:

    You ran out of bargain in Valencia Chulvi, unemployed along with Puig.