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Cs Xàbia proposes to create a Work Table to study the best management model of the desalination plant

May 31 from 2022 - 15: 38

At the ordinary General Meeting held in Javea Town Hall, the spokesman for Cs Xàbia, Enrique Escrivá, has
proposed to create a joint Working Group to study and decide by consensus how the Xàbia desalination plant will be managed, once the concession of the current successful bidder expires in 2024.

For Escrivá, the management model of the desalination plant -either directly through AMJASA, either by re-tendering the service, or through a mixed formula-, it is a strategic decision for Xàbia, which
cannot be left for the last minute, and therefore, it must begin to prepare within a Working Table that has all the parties represented in the City Council, the AMJASA Board of Directors, municipal technicians, experts in management of the water and desalination, also counting on the participation of the Water Observatory which, as he recalled, has not met since 2019.

In the same way, the Cs spokesperson has requested that a roadmap be established, "a work plan to analyze whether it is feasible for the management of the water desalination plant to be carried out by AMJASA", since
According to Escrivá, “having a public company with clean accounts and with the almost 2 million euros that we will stop paying to the concessionaire for the amortization of the desalination plant as soon as the current contract expires, we are presented with an unbeatable opportunity to try to assume directly the management of one of the most
important, such as the desalination and purification of water in Xàbia”.

In this line, the mayor has pointed out that in this way one more step could be taken in the management of the integral water cycle, which the local government likes to publicize so much but of which little or practically nothing has been done in the last 11 years.

  1. Xabienc says:

    In politics there is a phrase that never fails to not solve any problem or proposal. WE ARE GOING TO ESTABLISH A WORK TABLE. With this they charge per diems, trips, work lunches and after two years more or less, everything remains the same.

    • Mauro says:

      That's how we all see it, always. The curious thing is to see what continues to happen and we continue to pay their salary.
      I wonder if we're that stupid?

  2. This is too much!!! says:

    But what table or what table!

    That we are already paying the salary to Chulvi and his people so that they WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What's happening here?????

    Are we idiots?