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Compromís per Xàbia: «we do not understand that there are open premises when they do not have the legal requirements»

February 09 from 2022 - 10: 09

Compromís per Xàbia has ruled on the current controversy generated as a result of the news that the Valencian Antifraud Agency gave three months to definitively close the seven premises of Punta del Arenal. The Valencian supporters have announced that they will ask the local government for explanations for what they understand has been a lack of transparency and where the town hall has chosen to "pass the buck to the Ministry" by not exercising their functions.

In the words of its spokesman, "we do not understand that there are reports that indicate the closure of these premises, it has not been done. It is unacceptable that they remain open when they do not have the legal requirements that many other establishments have. We believe that a comparative offense is being generated with those who do comply with the regulations.”

In this sense, he added that “we have been asking about the order to cease these premises and we were told that everything was in the process of being processed. But half a year has passed and the only news that reaches us is from the press.”

  1. Smells bad says:

    It smells very bad in the City Hall of Jávea
    Smells like shit for 10 years.

  2. mitochondriacs says:

    Perhaps it is that in this town, except for those of you who live on rent and pensions, you live from the hotel industry. To put obstacles to this is to load many jobs.
    It is not that everything is worth it, but more than one thing must be taken into account to be able to judge the attitude of the municipalities, whether they are peperos pesoeros or whatever it is to stop activities due to laws that must be taken with tweezers.

    • Luis says:

      I'm a chemist and my partner is a telecommunications engineer, our friends all have professional jobs too, none of them live on income, nor do they work in anything related to tourism... luckily. Enough of dismissing the professional class as if we didn't exist in this society. There should be more people like us to stop trailing behind tourists and profiteers.

  3. July says:

    Indeed, it is about complying with the law. If I do not pay the IBI they put a surcharge on me or seize my account. Why are those bars still open?
    They owe us another explanation

  4. Pablo says:

    Well, let them say it loud and clear, louder, much louder.

  5. Cardigan says:

    And I don't understand how we can have a Mayor who is so incapable, incapable of everything.
    It does not fit in my head how someone like that can end up as Mayor, incomprehensible.

    By the way, Compromis and PSOE and such… you are all cousins, talk about it at the Bar, you are all in the same «Chupipandi»

    • Maria says:

      I am not a fan of Compromís but some are in the opposition and others in the government… you don't have to be a nationalist to see that they are right in what they say

      • Ignacio says:

        It is not a question of who is right, it is a question of whether they are breaking various laws. Laws are the same for everyone, right? I know not. It depends on who you are, you can inflict whatever you want and on top of that you'll have clappers applauding you. That's the problem. And as long as we see it as normal and acceptable, we will have situations like this, whatever the party that governs. Behind one comes another. But we vote for them and then we allow situations like this.