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Citizens for Jávea: Communiqué on the approval of the municipal swimming pool project

August 29 from 2019 - 11: 40

Before the dimes and leaders of the PSOE and the PP in relation to the municipal swimming pool project, from Ciudadanos por Jávea (CpJ) we would like to clarify the meaning of our vote in the Plenary in which the project was approved.

We agree with the Popular Party in which Mr. Chulvi is demagogy. The Mayor, after having enforced the agreement of the year 2005 to vindicate his behavior before the Generalitat in the 2016, now when it seems that the financing by the Government of Mr. Puig is not guaranteed, he demarcates his own statements by saying that the agreement of the 2005 signed with light and stenographers meant nothing and that the debt that until now was historic was already less significant.

Mr. Chulvi is unique trying to justify the unjustifiable! But neither is the PP very consistent when, in the budgets of the Generalitat for 2018, it abstained in the motion that provided budgetary appropriation with part of the pool's financing.

So, both the PP and the PSOE are said or dismissed according to the guidelines they give them from Valencia. Citizens for Jávea (CpJ) voted yes to the approval of the Pool Work Project because in the Plenary Agreement only one project is approved where the needs to be covered are defined.

In the agreement no financing commitment was assumed by the City Council, only one project was approved, which is a necessary budget for the Generalitat to assume its financing.

Of course we will claim that the financing is complete based on the commitments made between the City Council and the Generalitat. We understand that you have to take steps forward to uncover the situation.

Citizens Party for Jávea - CpJ

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