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Xàbia is filled with color with the May Crosses of the Jesús Nazareno festivities

May 02 from 2023 - 10: 45

The streets of the Historic Center of Xàbia, Duanes de la Mar and the Thiviers neighborhood have been filled with color with the exhibition of the traditional May crosses. Flowers are the main symbol of the making of these crosses that represent the Christian faith.

On this occasion, flowers, wood, pineapples and reeds, together with the imagination of each creator, have been the outstanding ingredients to carry out this tradition of festivities in honor of Jesús Nazareno. In this 2023, about 20 crosses are decorating streets and shop windows, of which four of them are from the Mayorales. The others have been prepared by residents of Xàbia who have voluntarily wanted to participate in this beautiful act, such as businesses, associations, citizens and party commissions.

The Mayorales crosses are: Juan Bautista Bas (Carrer Nou), Juan Pedro Cholbi (Carrer D'Avall, 15), Guillermo Cardona (Calle Metge González, 6) and David Cordero Borja (Calle Sant Joaquin, 24).

Song dedicated to Jesus Nazareno

One of the novelties this year has been the creation of a song by the Català Chorro family, which always participates voluntarily in this event. On this occasion, together with the elaboration of the iron cross and pineapples, José Vicente Català has created a song that talks about the festival and Jesús Nazareno. A song that has been both written and composed by the Català Chorro family and that can be heard while looking at the cross.

The nearly 20 crosses will be exposed until Thursday, so the citizens of Xàbia are invited to walk through the streets of the town and observe these works of art.

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