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The Brotherhood of the Nazarene opens the inscriptions to be part of the 'bag' for Mayorales

27 2023 April - 12: 35

The Brotherhood of Jesús Nazareno de Xàbia has opened the registration period so that new neighbors, and as a novelty, neighbors, can become part of the bag to be Mayorales. And it is that, in the history of the Brotherhood, only men were included to be elected. A new initiative that provides another sign of equality and that was already announced at the end of the 2022 festivities.

Now, and with the start of the festivities, the Brotherhood has made an appeal so that people interested in being included in the bag of the Jesús Nazareno entity can do so.

The inclusion in said bag is for an indefinite period, so the person may be elected mayoral or mayoralesa at any time from their inclusion, although they may request to be excluded from it at any time.

The inclusion request document can be delivered duly completed to any member of the Brotherhood:Application for incorporation into the stock market of the Brotherhood of the Nazarene

Thus, from the next festivities, those of 2024, Mayoralesas will be able to be counted on, as long as the name of one of them comes out in the draw on May 3.

  1. pau says:

    Unfortunate, and incredible, Felipe's comment. It is the finest thing that can be said.

  2. Philip Sanchez says:

    Traditions and acts of good faith are broken.
    Is it necessary to fall into communist social hypocrisy and podemita? What a pity for a brotherhood influenced by socialist ideas.