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Vicente Tena votes to be called 'Mediterrània'

November 15 from 2019 - 14: 08

Voting for choosing a new name for Vicente Tena school has ended and the school board has decided that the option for the new one be mediterrània. A very local name that identifies the area in which we live, a lifestyle, a culture, etc.

Of all the ballots introduced in the ballot box, a total of 26 names were proposed, of which the most repeated 12s passed to the Consell. mediterrània y Vila de Xàbia they were the two most voted proposals obtaining the first option, an 33,33% of the votes.

The initiative to change the name of the school is given by the Law of Historical Memory. Now, this new name proposal will go through the Municipal Council and then to the municipal plenary.

  1. Miquel Strogoff says:

    The Church of the Port and the Parador was also built by a Francoist Mr. Navarro Rubio will also tear it down ?? That you have no balls to tear it down ...

  2. Miquel Strogoff says:

    For me, the culture house will always be the phalanx.
    The Mediterranean will be Vicente Tena.
    The names will change but the past will never change.

  3. Capso says:

    Ause that we worry to our poble per coses importants !!!!!!

    • Erika says:

      Yes, it was very important and very urgent to change the name of a school, which many will continue to call Vicente Tena, as many of us continue to call Farmacia Tena to the current Ca Lambert. By the way, when you say "I'm going to Ca Lambert," many people don't know what it is or where it is, but if you then say "the old Tena Pharmacy," they do. Curious right?