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The Colegio Mediterrània de Jávea: history, contact and photos

February 24 from 2022 - 11: 11
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Public services

The CEIP Mediterrània de Xàbia is a public center for Early Childhood and Primary Education (former Vicente Tena School). This was the first school in the town of Xabiera.

History of the center

More than half a century ago, the Vicente Tena Public School was created for Infant and Primary students. The archives of the center show that it was on March 4, 1962 when the four unitary schools for children met to give rise to the first large school in the town. From here part of the life and history of a good part of the population of Jávea has been written.

The center has achieved a school community in which everyone is satisfied to belong to a big family. CEIP Mediterrània is a democratic, participatory, plural school open to new technologies.


This school center has 6 infant education classrooms and 12 primary classrooms, all of them equipped with monitors and digital whiteboards, computers and all the necessary material to be able to carry out the work. In addition, students from 4th to 6th grade of primary school have a digital tablet to use individually.

The building that houses the CEIP Mediterrània also has: a computer room, a hearing and language room, a therapeutic pedagogy room, a school guidance service, a library and a music room.

It also has a gym, which is used both during school hours and in municipal activities organized in the afternoons. In addition, it has 3 mini-basketball courts, 1 five-a-side football court and 1 fronton court.

Dining room with central kitchen

Around 170 boys and girls are fed in the dining room service and the food is prepared every day in the center's kitchen.

School transportation

This service has two school transport lines: one through the Montgó area and the other through Cabo de la Nao.

Goals of the management team and the center

As we indicated at the beginning, the CEIP Mediterrània is a democratic, participatory, plural and open school in new technologies.

The new management team is formed, since 2021, by the Director, Gràcia Chorro Cholbi, Head of Studies, Ana Fornés Romans and Secretary, Alicia Climent Cobos.


Socialization Project

The AMPA collaborates very effectively in the organization of the center. Since 2012 he has been carrying out a Socialization Project in which he provides materials, tablets, outings, textbooks and study trips.

Location and contact

The CEIP Mediterrània is located at Avenida Ramón Llidó, 10.

Your contact phone number is 96 642 88 30.

The email is 03006220@gva.es and its website https://portal.edu.gva.es/ceipmediterrania.

photos of the center


Ramón Llidó Avenue, 10 -
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