The Popular Party of Xàbia requests to act in the sports area of ​​Jávea Park

The spokeswoman of the Popular Party of Xàbia, Rosa Cardona, presented Monday, in the ordinary plenary session, a motion regarding the renovation and maintenance of the sports area of ​​Jávea Park located on Paris Street.

Cardona said that the only municipal sports area open to the public the 24 hours of the day is «Abandoned, dirty, maintenance free and with poor lighting», so from the PP the renewal and adaptation of this area is requested, «And the commitment of the government team to maintain their good condition».

The popular indicated that the sports area of ​​Jávea Park has the great advantage that children and adolescents can use it without depending on a schedule to practice sports, and be a meeting point for young people and a playground for children, «Preventing young people from jumping over the fences of the various public schools and institutes of the municipality, with the risks that this entails, since they do not have spaces for sports and games on the days that children and young people have availability».

The popular spokeswoman said the summer is over «The need to continue using the sports area as a parking lot is over, so the time has come to start planning the future of this municipal sports area: its reform, and above all its daily maintenance. This proposal should not remain in everyone's mind, it must be a reality to turn this sports and games area into a healthy and healthy area.
an alternative to the young people that contemplates a skate park and a space for skating, practices very demanded by the young people ».

The PP proposes as improvements: renovate the goal networks, baskets, create new spaces, review the state of children's games, oxidation status, safety, replacement of swings and painted and provide bins and proper lighting.

This motion was passed unanimously by all the political parties that make up the municipal corporation. Also, from the government team, the councilor for the Arenal neighborhood, Rita Berruti, said that the authorization of the area as provisional parking has already been completed and work is being carried out on the proposals for action in this area, "We are waiting to meet, at the next meeting with the neighbors, what are their concerns and projects to carry out in this leisure area."

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