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Xàbia reopens Avenida dels Furs to traffic after the reform of its sidewalks

May 22 from 2020 - 13: 16

The City Council of Xàbia has reopened the Avenida dels Furs, one of the accesses to the port, after the works that have involved the reform of the sidewalks, resurfacing and replacing the trees. Also the renewal of the pluvial network and public lighting.

This morning the mayor, José Chulvi, and the councilors of Works, Isabel Bolufer, Services, Kika Mata, and from the Duanes neighborhood, Marta Bañuls, have visited the site to see the results of the work and authorize its reopening. The road has considerably improved its image and safety for pedestrians.

The project has involved a municipal investment of 144.500 euros and has been carried out by the local company Excavaciones Mayte. The works, which have improved the section between the Civil Guard barracks and the intersection with Avenida Lepanto, began in mid-January and had a two-month deadline.

However, they have suffered a justified delay: first they were affected by the stormy Gloria and later by the stoppage of public works that the City Council decreed during the first weeks of the State of Alarm.

Other public works currently underway are those for the repair of the Paseo de Caleta and the Guillermo Pons roundabout, which is scheduled to be completed at the end of the month, and the reconstruction of the Triana bridge, which, after the demolition of the existing one, is making progress on preparing the entire foundation for when the two prefabricated pieces arrive.
will form the new bridge.

  1. Erika says:

    The City of Jávea is clearly arboricidal and does not care about anything that we citizens will burn in the summer by not having a single shadow. They are eliminating trees that are totally healthy, beautiful and that also help to purify the air, but they do not care. They always drive.

  2. Ana says:

    Ecology = elimination of the slightest hint of trees 25 in total Azorín street and nothing happens

  3. Luis Boville says:

    Very well, but where are the trees, the much-needed vegetation? The "ecology" fought with the woodland and the pleasant shade that is necessary in summer?
    Please spend some money on greenery. We will all appreciate it.
    Have a nice day
    Luis Boville

  4. Joseph says:

    Politicians love cement ... And bicycles ... I hope they don't make it to the first Montañar !!!

  5. Antonio José says:

    Woodland replacement?

    What you can see in the photos is "removal of the woodland"

    Not that we are going to be surprised. We are used to the fact that the few trees that populate our streets are eliminated at the first reform.

    It must be that we must give an image of a population tanned by the sun. And the shadow would harm that charm.

    • Bullfight says:

      In summer the wonderfully shaded trees will be missed. Like the banana trees that recently cut down Avenida del Pla. Anyway..

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