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Sorolla returns to Xàbia by the hand of the soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta

Start date: February 17th 2023
Finish date: December 02th 2023
Event type: Other events

The councilman of Culture, Quico MoraguesAnd the mayor, José Chulvi, have presented the commemorative program of Xàbia for the Sorolla Year. An appointment that celebrates the centenary of the painter's death, promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana, and to which Xàbia joins by hosting different activities.

Exhibitions, literature, fashion and music are some of the actions that Xàbia will carry out throughout this year, one of the most outstanding performances being the concert by the renowned soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta. This event will take place next December, specifically on the 2nd at the St. Bartholomew Church together with the pianist from Xàbia, Marta Espinós and the baritone, Luis Santana. This concert will be a premiere of the unique musical project inspired by the painter's work.

On the other hand, to commemorate the work of the famous Valencian painter in the year of the centenary of his death, Xàbia will have the opportunity to exhibit original works by Sorolla. The exhibition Sorolla and the silver age of Valencian art It can be visited during the summer months, from July to September. As the mayor explained, José Chulvi, this fact may come true thanks to the fact that Xàbia is part of the Commemorative Commission and an Honor Committee of the acts of the centenary of the Sorolla Year of the Generalitat. To have this sample, they are working with the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia.

But the extensive program continues with a fashion show dedicated to Sorolla by the designer Alba García, who will create 26 exclusive costumes for this event in which they will have different landscapes from the paintings of the Valencian painter painted by hand.

In addition, the Councilor for Culture, Quico Moragues, has detailed that this program dedicated to Sorolla started last month with the exhibition of the idea in bronze, by the sculptor Javier de Benito, through which 1.300 people have passed.

The next appointments will be two conferences on the painter; one from the historian David Gutiérrez, on March 30, and another from the director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Pablo González Tornel, on May 10.

Moragues added that local groups such as education have also been involved, with a school drawing contest, or the Photographic Association, which will also hold a photography contest and wink at it in its annual rally.

In August a commemorative act will be held on the 100th anniversary of the painter's death and in September César Suárez will present the book How to change your book with Sorolla.

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    Look at him, what a good time he is having!
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    Well, I'm still working.