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The City Council affirms that the Arenal beach is open and the partial closure was not linked to spills

25 2022 April - 13: 22

El Javea Town Hall has reported that the Arenal Beach It is open to the bathroom and its waters are in a perfect state of health.

Last Saturday a break was detected in the underwater outfall (the conduit through which treated wastewater is pumped from the treatment station to convey it a certain distance from the coast) and the Entitat Pública de Sanejament d' Aigües Residuals (EPSAR) -responsible for its management- to proceed with the repair.

In coordination with the Red Cross team that is in charge of security and lifeguarding on the beach, it was agreed to delimit the bathing area closest to the point where the broken pipe is located to avoid any accident or physical risk due to the currents it generates. In no case is this preventive measure linked to the discharge, since it is already completely purified water and not dirty.

The City Council continues to work so that bathing conditions are the best both in Arenal and along the coast. In addition to the regeneration that is being carried out at points such as La Grava, protection beacons have already been installed in various sections of the coastline and the lifeguard service has been activated during weekends and holidays in the Arenal Beach.

  1. melquiades says:

    Damn, Jávea sucks, if it's not one thing, it's another...

    How lazy to find out about something that happens to us, nothing good.

    Congratulations to that Municipal Government that gives us so much joy.

  2. Go now says:

    The sewage pipe burst once again, turned brown and everything was a merder. But it wasn't done because he was a merder, but because they care about security. Thank you.

    And there were never wipes after a sewer burst either. Nor have we spent summers calling the police because it was impossible to sleep and the answer was that they were overwhelmed. No: we dream it.

    It's like the works. The auditorium is not unfinished either, it is that it is a crude-industrial-minimalist construction style. We didn't spend months going around because there was no bridge, nor jumping between holes in the Montañar.

    All in order. Circulate.

    • ecolojetes says:

      There were also no fires. Two in two years.

      Nothing could be done either. Rampant forests have to be like that, environmental moves that you don't understand (even environmentalists don't understand them, but in the end it's a matter of doing nothing lest someone get tired).