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Playa del Arenal Jávea: services, location and photos

August 18 from 2021 - 03: 02

La Playa del Arenal de Jávea, as its name indicates, is the only one with sand in the entire municipality. With its 480 meters in length, it is an urban beach with shallow waters and coarse sand. It is located in the center of the bay of Xàbia, it is the main tourist center and one of the best known and most frequented beaches by bathers.

The only sandy beach in Javea is the Arenal Beach


This beach is characterized, as we have indicated previously, for being the only sandy beach in the entire town and one of the most spacious that Xàbia has. In addition, it has a walk around it, Paseo del Tenista David Ferrer (name of the elite tennis player born in the town of Xàbia), which is full of restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues to enjoy both day and night.

Blue flag

Playa del Arenal is awarded annually with the blue flag, which symbolizes the environmental quality certificate developed by FEE since 1987 and which guarantees the optimal conditions of its waters.


The Arenal Beach is located in the center of the bay of Xàbia, on the Paseo del Tenis David Ferrer. This beach is located between first Muntanyar (Benissero beach) and Segundo Montañar, just on the other side of the Minister Creek, northern end in which there was an important Roman settlement and that is where today the Parador de Turismo de Xàbia is located and the well-known area of ​​Punta del Arenal is located.

It should be noted that next to it, there is a channel, which gives access to the sea to small boats. At its southern end is the Mirador Punta del Castell.

Views: Punta del Arenal Viewpoint

At each end of the beach there are two strategic points from where you can see the entire Arenal beach. At the northern end is the old Romanesque site; when, in the second half of the XNUMXst century BC, an extraordinary commercial settlement developed, of which a large excavated raft, known as the “Baths of the Queen”, has been preserved. The production of salted fish and fish sauces could have been the main economic activity of the factory discovered there.

At the southern end is the Punta del Arenal Viewpoint, which is the balcony to the main symbols of Xàbia. From this point you can see wonderful sunsets, the Montgoplatforms, Cape San Antonio and of course, the entire Arenal beach.


The Arenal beach, with high occupancy, offers different services for bathers and tourists, among which stand out footbaths, wooden access walkways that facilitate reaching the shore and surveillance. This beach is ideal to go with children as it has different entertainment areas.

Surveillance and first aid

Since Holy Week, this beach has maritime surveillance and lifeguards by personnel from the Jávea Red Cross. Both in the northern part of the beach and in the extreme south, at the foot of the promenade, there are health posts to attend to emergencies or incidents. In addition, along the beach there are watchtowers from where lifeguards ensure the safety of bathers.

Health center: auxiliary office

Although this sanitary service is not located on the beach, it is located a few meters from it. Specifically, it is on the second line of the beach, on Avenida París. This center is an auxiliary clinic that only pays attention during the days of Easter and in summer (from the end of June to mid-September), which is when this area of ​​Xàbia has the most influx of visitors.

Its hours are from Monday to Friday (also holidays), from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m. Sundays closed. You can contact us at 96 646 71 65.

Accessible beach and assisted bathing

The Arenal de Xàbia beach is also the only one in the municipality that has an assisted bathing service. The bathing point adapted for people with reduced mobility or functional diversity is located in the southern part of the beach. This point, run by the Red Cross, has all the technical equipment enabled (amphibious chairs and crutches) as well as adapted toilets that have a changing table, shower and toilet.

Schedule and reservation

The service is provided free of charge but with prior reservation to be able to provide personalized, safe attention and without crowds. To have bath time, those interested should call the Red Cross Jávea (96 579 19 61) and make an appointment.

The service hours are every day of the week, uninterrupted, from 11 a.m. to 19 p.m. and from July 1 to September 15.

Children's and sports activities

In addition, this maritime space, ideal for families, has different areas set up for the enjoyment of children. Along the entire beach there are five recreational games facilities to entertain the little ones and fill leisure time.

On the other hand there are also areas enabled for the practice of sports among which are soccer goals or other ball games such as handball that are also practiced on this beach, as well as several areas with volleyball nets and biosaludable gymnastics equipment and / or calestenia. In addition, the Arenal beach is also a perfect place to practice the sport of paddling both outside and in the water.

Both in the beach area and on the promenade, this place is widely used for sports such as jogging, aerobic exercises and relaxation.

Hammock and umbrella rental

Another of the services offered is sunbed and umbrella rental for the convenience of users. Along the beach there are footbaths installed so that visitors can remove the sand before putting on their shoes.

Tourist Office

Also, at the north end of the promenade you can find the tourist office to inform tourists about any question they have about Jávea.

Public transport and parking

The Arenal beach has different public transport services such as bus stop, taxi rank and tourist train. Both the bus and the tourist train make an urban route through the three centers of Xàbia, thus bringing users closer to all the services of the town.

Tourist train

The tourist train offers two stops at the Arenal beach, one is located in the southern part of the beach, next to the start of the promenade and the other in the northern part, in front of the National Parador and provides service every day of the week between 10:40 am and 23:40 pm.

Urban bus

With regard to the urban bus, it also makes two stops on this beach. One on the Canal de la Fontana bridge (northern part of the beach) and the other at the end of the promenade, a few meters before starting the section of Segundo Montañar.


Radio Taxi Jávea offers all kinds of local, regional, national and international car transport services. It has different stops in the three urban centers, the one at Arenal beach on Avenida Libertad. The contact telephone number is 965 793 224.


As for the public parking area, the Arenal beach has thousands of free parking spaces on the street and located right on the beach. In addition, there is also an underground and paid parking lot on the second line of the beach on Calle Nancy, 3.


In Jávea's Arenal Beach, in the summer months some beach bars are installed in the northern part that allow the rental of jet skis for excursions, as well as the rental of water scooters for entertainment for children and adults within the area of bathroom, since the beach has beacons creating a safe area between bathers and users of maritime sports equipment. However, diving cannot be practiced in this environment due to the shallow depth of its beach.

Vora la Mar cinema: cinema on the beach

2011 from the Vora la Mar Cinema, that one of the cycles of leisure activities that are celebrated in Xàbia. Usually, every year, except for the summers of the pandemic, every Tuesday night in July and August, Playa del Arenal becomes an open-air cinema.

A large screen installed in the arena projects a different film each week, offering entertainment time to all visitors.


In the vicinity of the Arenal beach you can find all kinds of shops (clothing stores, food, tobacco shop, shoe stores, bakeries, opticians, pharmacy, ice cream parlors, entertainment venues, etc). Also, there are a large number of blocks and apartments that reach 100% occupancy in the summer months and a wide variety of restaurants.


The closest hotels to Arenal beach are:


Without a doubt, Arenal Beach is one of the ones that offers the most variety when looking for a place to eat. There are places for all tastes and pockets, from Mediterranean or Italian cuisine to Indian or American cuisine. In addition, most of the restaurants also become a lounge bar so that after eating you can have a quiet drink.


Go for a walk along the Playa del Arenal and have a coffee or a delicious ice cream is a plan chosen by both residents and guests from Jávea regardless of season.

  • Nostro Café Costa: Different cafeteria for its specialty in coffee. It offers roasted and ground coffee every week and has a blend of coffee from five countries, 100% Arabica and 100% organic.
  • Austrian Café Wien: It offers a wide variety of breads made by hand with rye flour, spelled and sourdough, as well as a wide range of organic coffees and typical Austrian pastry made by itself and menus for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and mixed dishes.
  • the Jijonenca
  • froyosi
  • Espi ice cream
  • coffee Nevada
  • Smöoy
  • Peca2

Fashion and accessories stores

If there is something you cannot miss on a tourist beach, it is the fashion stores. Along the entire sandy area, especially at the back of the promenade, second line from the beach, there is a wide variety of clothing and accessories stores to end a perfect day at the beach.

  • Pepa G
  • Marmara Store
  • Pharmacy Optics Arenal
  • Blanc du Nil
  • Jávea Fun Bikes
  • Fresh shoemaking
  • Fedala
  • Lacoste
  • Naowind
  • Jakarta
  • Jakarta Accessories
  • Voramar beach items
  • Ale-Hop

Pubs and Clubs

As we have been saying is the entertainment area more varied and extensive Jávea. For this reason in Playa del Arenal are most local drinks, pubs and clubs with different types of music each.

Real estate

Among the variety of local there are a large number of property in Javea Arenal beach due to being the tourist area of ​​the town.

  • Javea Home Finders
  • Paradise Property Solutions
  • Houses
  • Javea Moraira Residence
  • MG Villas
  • Villa Lingo
  • Alta Villas
  • Giuliano Villas
  • Rimontgó
  • Villas-Plots.com


On the beachfront we can find the following urbanizations and apartment blocks, many of them with apartments for vacation rental. These are:

  • Jávea Park
  • Arenal Beach Apartments
  • La Isla Urbanization


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