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The writer, Alicia Giménez Bartlett, receives the 'La Criminala' award in Xàbia Negra

November 07 from 2022 - 00: 15

With the award ceremony the Criminala writer Alicia Giménez Bartlett was reaching the point and end of the fifth edition of the Xàbia Negra Festival. A literary event in which the reader can have meetings and conversations with the writers of the novels themselves.

Giménez Bartlett received this award in recognition of the great literary career and contribution to the noir genre of the creator of Petra Delicado, who has published 24 novels and has received a dozen awards, including the 2015 Planet Award for 'naked men'.

The writer said she was "delighted", "they have given me other prizes, but when I told my friends that they were going to give me one called the Criminala They were fascinated and asked where they gave it to me. Xàbia is an open place, where everyone is welcome and I have had a really good time during the time I have been here. And I make a promise: I'll be back."

Story and short film awards

In addition to the award of the Criminala, the festival has awarded other prizes. two in the story contest organized by the IES La Mar from Xàbia: Wengyao Chen has won the contest in Spanish with the story It was me, while Lucas Portillo has done it in the Valencian modality with obsessions.

In short film comxicotetion organized by the Escola de Cinema Riurau, the winner was Manu Font's team with the short titled To run away.

Participants in Xàbia Negra

In addition to the award-winning Alicia Giménez Bartlett, authors such as Jerónimo Tristante, Mónica Rouanet, Blas Ruiz Grau, Vicente Garrido, Nieves Abarca, Jordi Colonques and Joan Canela have attended the festival's fifth edition. The editor-in-chief of Events of the Levante-EMV newspaper and the former head of Homicide of the CNP in Valencia, Esther Maldonado, have also participated.

Joan Canela was the winner of the battle of writers, in which Nieves Abarca, Mónica Rouanet and Jordi Colonques also participated.

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