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The IES La Mar is the old IES Number 1 of Xàbia. It is the second public Secondary Education center in the town. This building, located on Via Augusta, was inaugurated in September 2003.

Name: from IES No. 1 to La Mar

For 18 years, the name of this institute was IES Nº1. The proposal to modify the name and give it an identity symbol was carried out in the 2020/2021 academic year. From there, the center opened a participation process for the entire school community with several proposals, resulting in 'La Mar' being chosen by a large majority.

After this process, the School Council of the institute formally requested the change of name, a proposal seconded by the plenary session of the City Council. Finally, after the relevant favorable reports from the Territorial Directorate of Education, Culture and Sports, it was in December 2021 when the Ministry of Education ratified this modification and was renamed IES La Mar.

The center and its facilities

IES La Mar has a total of 35 classrooms (15 ESO, 16 Formative Cycles and 4 Bachiller). In addition, this educational center in Xàbia is the one that has the specific Secondary Education classroom with 8 places and is attended by students from both the town and other towns.

IES La Mar has the Improvement, Learning and Performance Program (PMAR) for the 3rd and 4th ESO courses. These are adapted courses aimed at students with learning difficulties, for which a methodological change is made both in subjects and in content and practical activities; in a way that allows them to overcome the stage.

In addition to this classroom, the center has:

  • three labs
  • Large outdoor patio
  • Sports track
  • Gym with climbing wall
  • computer rooms
  • Library
  • multipurpose room

Educative offer

This center is bilingual and teaches Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and Baccalaureate studies in the morning to almost a thousand students. In the afternoons the classes of the Official School of Languages ​​and training cycles are taught. The linguistic education program is multilingual (Valencian, Spanish and English) and intercultural.

  • ESO: It has the four courses that make up ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education). ESO schooling at IES La Mar usually includes students from three schools (CEIP Trenc d'Alba, CEIP Port de Xàbia and CP L'Arenal), although it is open to any student who wants to complete their compulsory studies at this institute.
  • Bachelor: IES La Mar offers two modalities of studies in high school: Science and Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Training cycles: In this line of studies, the center teaches basic, intermediate and higher level cycles, with 10 active cycles in this school year of three professional families:

Training cycles


  • Middle Cycle of Nursing Assistant Cures.
  • Medium Cycle of Technician in Sanitary Emergencies.
  • Superior Cycle of Dietetics

Administration and Management

  • Basic Vocational Training of Administrative Services.
  • Middle Cycle of Administrative Management.
  • Higher Cycle of Administration and Finance.

IT and Communications

  • Middle Cycle of Microcomputer Systems and Networks.
  • Higher Cycle of Multimedia Application Development.
  • Superior Cycle of Web Application Development.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Specialization Course (new implementation next academic year)


The schedule of IES La Mar is as follows:

  • In the morning: from 8:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m./15:00 p.m. All the ESO, the specific classroom and the Bachillerato.
  • In the afternoon: From 15:15 p.m. to 21:00 p.m. the training cycles are taught in addition to the classes of the Official School of Languages, since this center is the headquarters of the Dénia EOI section.

Educational projects

The educational center works on different projects in which it is committed to long-lasting and future-oriented education. To do this, with the aim of being an innovative and dynamic center, the teaching team is committed to educational experiences that go beyond the classroom.

Continuing with the European identity, the center launches the Erasmus + program, with which students are allowed to develop their true potential, providing students with the best opportunities so that they can expand their knowledge beyond borders.

Erasmus+ for training cycles

In these the various Erasmus projects Students of all educational levels participate, from students in secondary education to students in vocational training.

  • ECHE Charter Vocational Training: Two mobilities of at least 60 days are provided for students in training cycles and one mobility for a teacher for 5 days.
  • Higher Education Project with Creama: Mobility of at least 60 days is granted for a male or female student, in addition to mobility of 5 days for a teacher.
  • Projects with the STEPV for the students of intermediate training cycles: This allows students to carry out their work practices in associated countries.

Erasmus+ for ESO

IES La Mar has three projects underway in the stages of secondary education:

  • "Learning sustainability - sustainable learning": project for 4th grade students. It consists of 8 students and 2 teachers enjoying a one-week stay in Denmark and working on it: waste and its management, consumer behavior and recycling.
  • "Student Exchange": Project for 3rd ESO students that aims to promote student exchange and therefore cultural exchange and knowledge. It also aims to help students develop their language skills. A total of 10 students and 2 teachers can participate, who will travel to Bolton for a week where they will be with the selected students of the center
  • "Europe 'R' Us": It is carried out with an Italian and a Portuguese center. This project aims to focus on the role of women in our society, focusing on gender equality. The project is carried out using the Etwinning platform, through which 2nd ESO students can be in contact with students from Italy and Portugal and carry out the activities proposed through the platform. In addition, 8 students and 2 teachers will be selected to carry out a mobility to Italy.

The Facebook page to follow the development of these European projects is the sigaente.


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